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Global chip shortage could worsen after China lockdown
After China's blockade, the global chip scarcity might intensify, checkout to know more:

Global chip shortage could worsen after China lockdown

Global chip shortage could worsen after China lockdown
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The global chip shortage has harmed practically every sector of the economy. Smartphones, computers, data centers, cars, and other electronic devices are all impacted. Just as things appear to be improving, the situation has yet another stumbling barrier to overcome. According to Reuters, a Chinese city lockdown might exacerbate the chip scarcity.

Micron Technology Inc, based in Xian, China, produced the study. Micron Technology, for example, is one of the world’s largest memory chip makers and maybe in the epicenter of the next wave of catastrophe. Because of the COVID-19 lockout in Xian, the delivery of its DRAM memory chips has been slowed even further.

Will the Lockdown shortage worsen up?

From December 23, Chinese officials have imposed strict travel restrictions and a strictly enforced lockdown on Xian. Firms like Micro Technology have found it more difficult to serve the supply chain due to tight constraints.

The lockout and other steps have resulted in a reduction in worker numbers at the company’s manufacturing facility, creating additional delays. “To service our clients for these DRAM goods, we are relying on our worldwide supply chain, which includes our subcontractor partners.

We anticipate that these efforts will allow us to satisfy the majority of our client demand; but, when we activate our network, there may be some short-term delays “In a blog post, Micron stated.

DRAM memory chips are commonly utilized in data centers, according to the business. The corporation is presently striving to reduce the danger of viral transmission, in keeping with the Chinese government’s intention to quickly limit any virus outbreaks that arise. At Micro Technology, measures such as physical separation and on-site testing are being used.

Will it impact smartphone and PC production?

For the last year, the worldwide chip scarcity has had a significant impact on smartphones and computers. This is especially true for low-cost and budget smartphones, which help manufacturers boost sales. It appeared a few months ago that the situation might be managed since output was progressively increasing.

The current shutdown in Chinese cities, however, will once again affect all gadgets throughout the world. We shall let you know with more updates in the future. Until that, stay tuned with us on TechStory.

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