Google Is Experimenting With A Tool That Assists Brand And Public Figures To Publish Directly To Search


5 March, 2016, USA: In its earlier development, technology giant, Google had revealed its tool that allowed Presidential candidates to publish posts about their views directly to Google search results. Now, stretching the technology further, the company is testing a new tool to give access of a similar feature to a selected group of small businessman.

Commenting on the latest development, Google said “The company is calling the Posts tool “an experimental new podium on Google” and says it plans to make it available to “Other prominent figures and organizations.”

This new feature will not be an advertisement service as the company has decided not to charge anything for it, as of now. It might later on change the game, depending on its popularity. While speaking to Business Insider, Spokesperson of Google said, “This is an experimental search feature we are testing, but it is not tied to Google+. We are currently experimenting with presidential candidates and just started with some SMBs for a select pilot period.”

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