From March 23 Google Compare Will Be Completely Off The Grid


24 February, 2016, USA: This week seems to be one of the toughest weeks for the tech industry. Many tech giants had called off their one or the other feature and the recent company to join the list is Google. The company has decided to take off Google Comparison which deals in serving range of financial products such as credit cards, mortgages and travel/home insurance policies to its customers.

This feature was only available to US and UK and it will be taken off completely from its network from 23 March. Google stated in its note, “The product has received a good level of traffic from users but, when it came to revenue and activity, it hasn’t driven the success we hoped for.

The company now wants to focus more on its AdWords advertising platform and future opportunities in the ad space, particularly around financial services. Google Compare was first launched in UK in 2013 and extended its reach to USA in 2014. The feature was earlier known as ‘Google Advice’ and during its initial stage; it was used as a tool to sell car insurance. Later on, company added other features such as mortgage, home insurance policies etc. to the tool.

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