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This week was highly focused on the Union Budget of the country as Arun Jaitely, Finance Minister opens his goodie bag, especially for the startup sector, smiles started appearing on the faces in the startup space. While announcing the budget, FM presented new policies which will boost the startup sector such as 100 per cent tax deduction for three years, allotting Rs 500 cr fund for Women and SC/ST entrepreneurs, Capital Gains and ARCs, One Day Incorporation, Skilling India etc. These schemes have uplifted the mood of the industry as it sees a brighter future with ‘Startup India, Standup India’ initiative. Globally, this week too, the two giants Facebook and Google remained in headlines. The much talked about ‘Google Car’ hits its first crash in California and on the other hand, Facebook again falls in legal clutches and this time, with the German authorities for user data abuse. This week, Forbes released its most awaited ‘World’s Top Billionaires 2016’ list and again it was Bill Gates who hits the top spot for the third consecutive year. Techstory brings you the ‘Newsmakers of the week’ a complete package of stories, news and articles about the happenings of startup and technological sector. This segment focuses on the top trending stories of the week and its aims to equip the reader with latest information on the subject.

FM Unwraps Budget 2016; Startup Industry Recieves A Gift of 100% Tax Deduction For 3 Years


29 February, 2016, New Delhi: The startup sector of the country receives a thumping gift from Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister, India as he uncovers the union budget for the year 2016-17. While presenting the budget today, FM has announced 100 per cent tax deduction program for three years over a period of five years for startups approved FY2019 under the ‘Startup India, Standup India’ scheme.

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Budget 2016: Women Entrepreneur and SC/ST Will Get Rs 500 Cr Backing From The Government


29 February, 2016, New Delhi: While presenting the union budget 2016, Arun Jaitley reveals that the government will be teaming up with Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DICCI) to set up entrepreneurial hubs for entrepreneurs from the backward classes.

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 Budget 2016: FM Opens His Goodie Bag For Startup Industry

budget 2016

29 February, 2016, New Delhi: Budget 2016 has brought a big smile to startup and MSMEs sector. Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley has opened his ‘Goodie Bag’ while presenting the union budget 2016. In order to boost these two sectors, Jaitley has announced various schemes and policies. Apart from giving 100 per cent tax deduction for three years and allotting Rs 500 cr fund for Women and SC/ST entrepreneurs, he also revealed some more positive strokes for these sectors.

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Google Car Hits Its First Crash While AI Was In Control


01 March, 2016, USA: Google’s most talked about vehicle,’ Google car’ hits the first spot of bother as the vehicle hits its first crash. Though the accident was a minor one, but it happened when AI was in full control.

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Snapchat Falls Victim Of Cyber Attack; Employee Data Leaks Out


1 March, 2016, USA: In yet another episode of cyber-attack, another company falls victim of it as its employee data leaks out in public. This time it was Snapchat whose employee data has been taken for a toss by the hackers. In a media disclosure, the company said that its confidential data about its current and former employees has been hacked.

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Microsoft Reveals Its New Cyber Defence Operations Center To Dodge Cyber Attacks


1 March, 2016, Washington: Microsoft, one of the world’s biggest software giant has unleashed it new ‘Cyber Defence Centre’. With this new development, company is looking forward to rebuild its reputation for security.  The high tech centre opens up with a touch of a button and windows turn clear to unveil the bunker in which company’s engineers work to dodge the hackers.

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Google Backs European News Tech Companies; Invests $30 Million


2 March, 2016, USA: European news companies are all set to travel an extra mile as the software giant Google invests US $30 million to enhance their digital journalism. This investment is a part of US $150 million fund which the company had announced last year for European news tech companies.

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Meet The Forbes’ World’s Top Billionaires of 2016


2 March, 2016, USA: ‘World’s Top Billionaires’ this subject is always been a best seller among the readers. This is mainly because; it tends to generate a curiosity among the readers about who is leading the bandwagon, who has been dropped and who has been replaced. So, to put an end to reader’s speculations, Forbes has released it list of ‘World’s Top Billionaires 2016’.

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Facebook Again Falls In Trouble; Now Being Investigated For User Data Abuse


2 March, 2016, Germany: Social media giant Facebook, again falls in trouble as Germany has opened an investigation into Facebook’s use of user data, which may be in breach of the country’s data protection laws, reports Reuters. According to the country’s watchdog, the Federal Cartel Office, the company has not been operating on the legal guidelines set by the country. It is not informing its users with satisfactory details on what data it is collecting from them and how they are going to use it.

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UberMOTO To Enter Bangalore; Will Launch Its Bike Taxi Service Today


3 March, 2016, Bangalore: Uber, after launching its four-wheeler taxi service in India in 2013 is now all set to expand its business further with the launch of UberMOTO (Its bike taxi service). With this addition, Banaglore will become the second Asian city after Bangkok which will have UberMOTO rolling on its roads.

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Dell India Takes Off 70 Employees From Its Software Team In Bangalore

Dell Office Bangalore

3 March, 2016, Bangalore: Dell Software Group (DSG) which was set by the company nine months ago is in a state of shock as Dell has decided to let go 70 employees from the department. During the launch of DSG, company revealed its plan about spreading its operations and building its team to 400-500 employees. But the plan fell apart and forced the company to roll back its decision following Dell’s US $67 billion acquisition of EMC.

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Ola Also Joins The Two Wheeler Taxi Bandwagon After Uber; Launches Its Bike Taxi Pilot


3 March, 2016, Bangalore: Before the morning headlines of Uber launching its two-wheeler taxi service ‘UberMOTO’ could fade off, its competitor, Ola also unleashes its bike taxi pilot and that too, in the same city. This move by Ola clearly indicates that the company don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to give tough competition to its counter parts.

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Google Teams Up With UNICEF To Battle Zika Virus


3 March, 2016, USA: Google has announced its battle against the Zika Virus today and in order to win the combat, software giant has launched its initiative to curb the spread of the virus. Company will be mapping the data and will provide detailed information about the mosquito-borne virus. It will be focusing specially in Latin America and Brazil where virus has taken thousands of lives.

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Linkedin’s CEO Gives Away His $14  Million Stock Package To Employees


4 March, 2016, USA: Standing against all odds, Linkedin’s CEO Jeff Weiner has set a perfect example for others to follow. Weiner, in its recent move, has made an announcement to give away his annual stock package of worth US $14 million to its employee. The development came just after the company’s stock price fell at the stock market recently.

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Amazon Chooses Hyderabad To Set up Second Largest Global Delivery Centre Outside US


4 March, 2016, Hyderabad: Amazon is gearing up to set up its second largest global delivery centre in Hyderabad outside US. The announcement came just one month after Apple made its declaration stating that technological giant will be opening its first ‘Technology Development Centre’ in the city of ‘Nawabs’.

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