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Google Officially Announced Google I/O For 2021 Which Is Scheduled For May 18 To May 20
The annual developer conference, Google I/O 2021, beginning on May 18, was formally agreed by Google. The conference runs in a simulated event until 20 May.

This May, after a coronavirus epidemic last year, the Google I/O developer conference returns as a virtual affair. The event is especially free for all. As normal, the multinational search engine giant last night puzzled a specific website and revealed the Google I/O 2021 dates are scheduled between May 18 – 20. Soon after, Sundar Pichai also shared this with Google and Alphabet CEO on Twitter. This month, the full schedule is revealed.

Google I/O 2021 – What To Expect?

Google I/O 2021 – What To Expect?

Google I/O 2021 – What To Expect?

Google said I/O 2021 will give developers and even the tech enthusiasts have the opportunity around the world to engage in carefully considered discussions, learn from practical experiences with Google experts, and offer them a first look at their latest development products through workshops, Ask Me Something Sessions (AMAs), personalized content, live question-and-answer in sessions, I/O Adventure chat, developer profile signs and more.

You have access to the seminars, ask me about something (AMAs), custom material, and live query questions during meetings, chats on I/O Adventure, developer profile badges, and many more by completing the free registration. You should register for seminars and AMAs when watching technical sessions and keynotes on request.

On the opening day of I/O, Google normally holds a keynote where it speaks mostly of applications and hardware. In I/O 2019, the Pixel 3a budget started and although the pandemic delayed its sequel, namely Pixel 4a in 2020, there are no grounds for not returning as it was in the past – to some extent at least.

Note that in July in advance Google declared that it was just to formalize the introduction of Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 along with Pixel 4a (LTE). For all we know, Google might reveal the long-rumored I/O 2021 Pixel 5a.

There are rumors that the tech giant is working on his own Pixel silicon, which is supposed to start with the Pixel 6. The company did not yet disclose any information about the forthcoming Pixel smartphones, but we think I/O 2021 is the perfect forum for advertising these phones.

Additionally, the new Android app update known as Android 12 will probably be announced by Google. The company will shortly have a better roadmap for the following version of the Android update in terms of both functionality and availability.

Google I/O 2021 – Online Or Offline?

Google I/O 2021 – Online Or Offline?

Google I/O 2021 – Online Or Offline?

This year too, the event is entirely interactive and open to access so that everyone can take part in the development conference edition. Google will announce the latest products and new tech enhancements for its applications at I/O 2021.

The Coronavirus pandemic prompted the technology giant to shut down its conference last year so that Google could be following Apple’s footsteps through an online gathering. A few days ago, Apple revealed its worldwide conference or dates for WWDC.

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