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Google partners with e-commerce start-up, Airbuy to enter into airport retail business

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Google Inc. as we know it is one of the world’s biggest companies, a brand in itself which is deep-rooted in the minds of the customers, competitors and its employees. The search engine giant has recently made an attempt and became successful gripping the opposite side of what it does, a worldwide entry into the air terminal retail business.

Yes, you can certainly imagine Google at airports now with their recent partnership with an internet-based e-commerce start-up, Airbuy with the biggest perk being the granted access to six Indian air terminals.

Airbuy is an engagement platform for the air travel industry, the company aims to increase airport revenues and enhance the overall passenger’s shopping experience through advanced Machine Learning capabilities.

Under the signed agreement of partnership between the two parties, Google’s digital payments platform- Google Pay will be locally available and easily accessible at Airbuy’s spot stage as default application that can be used by air travelers to book lounges and F&B sources at select air terminals.

The Google-Airbuy partnership works exactly like any other food conveyance commercial hub where air passengers get the terminal’s Food and Beverages sources and all of their menus right on their mobile application. Users can download the app from Google Play Store, set their order, wait for the ‘Ready’ notification and then pick their order from the source outlet.

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Similarly, with booking lounge time, air terminal parlors as passengers sit tight waiting for their flights. There are numerous things that one can do and this partnership will make it easy for the passengers and even more convenient.

Airbuy offers Google access to six Indian terminals to cater their partnership; these terminals incorporate Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Goa and Nagpur as mentioned by Airbuy’s item head, Ellen Choi. She further mentions that New Delhi airport will soon be incorporated in the list.

According to reports, Google-Airbuy tie-up has access to over 30 Food and Beverages outlets and covers 3 lounges, all of which are operated by Travel Food Services. Sources also confirm that this partnership will soon incorporate shopping retail outlets in domestic airports and duty-free terminals, internationally.

Jasjit Makol, an Airbuy author mentions in a statement that the mobile application will feature conveyance choices for passengers to check steps including personality verification and boarding pass when the commercial retail centre opens for free obligation items.

Google's CEO- Sundar Pichai

Source: New Straits Times

Google-Airbuy partnership is soon to be released on an international scale. After India, the companies intend to target South East Asian Business markets, according to sources. The first target market for the partnership would be Singapore air terminals.

Airbuy and Google took an approximate 5 months period to discuss the terms of the agreement and certainly concluded with an affirmative business model.






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