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Google Uses AI for Healthcare
Helps in Recognition of Common Skin Conditions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows machines to think like humans and mimic their intelligence. It is a simulation through which machines can replicate human applications. With the help of artificial intelligence machines can demonstrate human-like intelligence without any consciousness or emotionality, something that is common in natural intelligence demonstrated by humans and animals.

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Artificial intelligence is used in many sectors in order to derive better results. AI is also widely used in the healthcare sector for various purposes such as diagnosis of breast cancer and more precise detection of tuberculosis.

The tech giant company, Google, is now planning on using artificial intelligence to enable its users to learn more about common skin conditions. When this technology is combined with widely used devices such as smartphones, a lot of individuals can actually understand their own health in a much better way when armed with such kind of medical knowledge.

The I/O team at Google has just released a preview of a new AI tool which keeps the users updated on the state of their own skin, hair and nails. The skin is considered as the largest organ of the human body. It serves as a great tool when it comes to determining a person’s overall health condition.

In this technology, Google has made use of similar techniques that are used to identify diabetic eye disease and lung cancer through CT scans. This tool captures an image of the user’s skin with the help of the camera in the device. It then suggests a treatment for certain ailments a person is suffering from.

The researcher’s team at Google realized that a lot of people, on a daily basis, run a Google search to look up skin conditions using photos from Google images as a reference. The team then came up with the idea of developing this AI operated dermatology technology.

Also, there is currently a shortage of dermatology specialists. This can be a huge problem as there are two billion people which are impacted by skin conditions worldwide annually.

This tool is able to function by making use of only three posts of the affected area and can run a Web based application. This is quite important as it can be quite difficult to describe a skin condition by using only words. While the tool is processing the photos, it also asks a set of questions to its users such as how long have they been facing this issue as well as any additional symptoms which they are facing to help narrow down the search to any possible diseases.

This AI tool is equipped with the knowledge of 288 skin conditions. Based on the data gathered, this tool will then display possible matches which the user can research on.

For the conditions that are matched, the app will be able to display a description of that disease which is reviewed by a dermatologist. It will also feature responses to frequently asked questions and will be showing similar images from the Web for reference.

This tool is scheduled to launch in 2021 and it will be programmed to assess people of all gender, age, race and skin tones and types. The company is hopeful that this will be able to provide the people with some basic information and will guide them to their next step.