Google Will Now Protect Media Sites And Other Organisations From Hackers


25 February, 2016, USA: Google has taken a task to provide protection to journalists, news sites and other organisations such as elections monitors against the hackers. One of the world’s biggest tech giant, Google has developed a tool called ‘Project Shield’ which safeguards the websites from DDoS attack.

The ‘Protection Shield’ works on a simple platform, it re-routes the nasty traffic through its own infrastructure in order to stop websites being overwhelmed. The tool is part of Google Ideas, recently renamed Jigsaw, whose stated mission is to “build products to help people investigate corruption.”

Apart from that, Google also provides a password service for the websites and organizations that are prone to be hacked. The password acts like a spell-check which monitors each and every minute detail across the website.

In order to equip the website with this service, person needs to have a Google account. The company assures “Project Shield only uses the data we obtain (such as logs from the Project Shield servers) for DDoS mitigation and caching and to improve the Project Shield service”.

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