Gucci x Adidas umbrella costs more than Rs 1 lakh but doesn’t stop the rain

Gucci and Adidas are receiving criticism in China for selling umbrellas that do not keep the rain out. People anticipated the ‘umbrella,’ which cost $1,290 (roughly Rs 1 lakh), to be waterproof. To the astonishment of potential buyers, the brands have made it plain that the umbrella should only be used to protect from the sun or for decorative purposes, as it will not keep out water.

Source – mothershipsg

The umbrella is being marketed as part of a cooperation between Gucci, an Italian high-end luxury fashion firm, and Adidas, a sportswear brand.

The umbrellas, which feature a G-shaped handle and a print design that combines the insignia of both Gucci and Adidas, have aroused debate in China, which is on course to become the world’s largest luxury market by 2025.

However, luxury labels are being scrutinized more closely in China, as part of a broader pushback against extravagance sparked by Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “common prosperity” drive. Western brands, such as Adidas, have suffered in the face of rising nationalism, which has resulted in boycotts and preferential treatment for domestic firms.

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