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Headstart Ahmedabad Presents Startup Saturday- ‘Hacking Sales’

hacking salesSales form an essential ingredient in any business. Startups with a strong product but no Sales is essentially not a complete business and only a product.

After 5 successful editions of Headstart’s “How to Start a Startup” in Ahmedabad, it is the time for the next edition where we turn our attention to another vital issue, that the team and the founders at multiple stages of their startup journey face, ‘Hacking sales’. This edition will see founders, and experts come in and talk about their experience of getting paying users/ customers on their platform/app/business.

The list of Benefits of Attending Startup Saturday:

1) You will be able to learn from Successful startups and Learn from their Journey

2) You will be able to network with Industry Stalwarts who frequently attend Headstart’s Initiatives as mentors and Speakers.

3) Headstart ensures there is a value addition for their audience at each event and when you walk out you have definitely learnt something new.

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Event date: 10 Jun, 2017

Time: 05:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Venue: Venture Studio
Ahmedabad University
A.G. Campus, Commerce Six Rd,
Ahmedabad – 380009


Mr. Achal Rangaswamy, Coach – Sales, Marketing, Self Development, Time Management, Leadership, Empowerment

After spending 3 and a half decades enjoying Sales and Marketing, managing profit centres and large teams of people,grooming managers and mentoring young leaders, gaining exposure to a wide range of business models/ products and services, Mr. Achal Rangaswamy has now converted his passion into a full time wonderfully exciting career path.

His specialties include selling skills, mentoring and coaching. Time Management and Leadership. He’s also coaching CEOs and Top Management and providing innovative solutions to companies that may have hit a plateau or are trying to rise above the ordinary.

Mr. Amal Derasary,  Director, Salesforce CRM Product Company

With over 24 years of experience working with some of the wellknown IT companies operating globally, Mr. Amal brings vast amount of knowledge and experience. His key expertise are building highly motivated teams, delivering excellence in terms of quality, margins and client satisfaction. He’s won contracts over $2 MM/ year.


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