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Here’s a list of the Top-50 richest streamers on Twitch


Source: The Record by Recorded Future

Twitch has recently suffered a massive data breach and we, for one are surprised by the company’s admission that it has suffered a breach. So far we are certain that this data breach is massive as it contains the entirety of Twitch including its source code and three years’ worth of creator payouts. An anonymous user has released 125-128GB worth of Twitch data which includes everything that a company wishes to keep private. It is a real disaster for Twitch and the platform is recommending users to change their passwords and enable two-factor authentication as soon as possible to be on the safer side. Yes, sensitive user data is not the focus of this data breach but it will be foolish to think that the hacker does not have access to it.

Anyhow, the data that has been released by the hacker includes Twitch’s creator payouts and now we know about the richest streamers on Twitch. Twitter user @KnowSomething has posted a list of Twitch’s top-paid streamers.

Twitch Top 25 richest Streamers

Source: Sportskeeda

According to the list, five Twitch streamers have earned more than USD 5 million since 2019. Amouranth, the hot tub occupant has been paid about USD 1.4 million, Ninja the Sonic hedgehog look-alike amassed over USD 1.4 million whereas DrLupo is paid USD 1.9 million, as mentioned in the list of Top 50 biggest names on Twitch’s creator payouts.

Twitch Top 25-50 richest streamers

Source: Sportskeeda

Don’t worry, we will share the list with you but of course, these earnings are just what twitch pays them for broadcasting on their platform and interacting with their massive fanbase. These creators are a lot richer and we know that because this list does not include their brand deals, merchandising prices, sponsorships and other streams of revenue generation. If not all, at least the ones in the top 50 Twitch users have lucrative sources of revenue that the leak does not include. If in case, we had these prices included in the list, the numbers on some of these Twitch streamers would be a lot higher than what we are seeing currently.

Twitch Top 50-75 richest streamers

Source: Sportskeeda



It is worth noting that the numbers we see here are just a fraction of what these streamers earn through Twitch and the actual number might be much higher when brand deals and sponsorships are included. What do you say?

Looking at some of these numbers, do you feel like quitting your job and start broadcasting or streaming or doing full-time social media? Well, I get this feeling a lot but trust me, it is a lot different for these streamers when it comes to earning money.



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