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How Much Time do You Spend?

We all lead busy lives and because of this, we look for as many ways as possible that can save us time or are convenient. Over the last decade or so as technology and software advanced, our mobile phones became increasingly powerful until they are now more portable mini computers than simple mobiles.

This has led to many of us becoming emotionally attached to our smartphones, relying on them for so much more than making a call or sending a text. Today, we carry out a multitude of tasks that would previously be eaten into our busy days via our smartphones.

From banking to booking a restaurant table, or holiday or sourcing your favourite online casino games at Conquercasino.com, enabling you to spend some time enjoying casino action whenever and wherever you chose as well as using your phone to find those special promotional offers and bonus offers, the mobile is perfect for so many things we enjoy in our lives.

This attachment we have with our smartphones is all too obvious when you are outside. Just check out people waiting for a bus or friend. Regularly, you will witness people unlocking their screens, checking information, and their social media sites or perhaps, the latest news. The smartphone helps fill in those times that otherwise would leave you just a little bit bored.

All of this is fine and dandy, but there are those who have formed such a deep attachment to their mobile devices that it is more like an addiction than making use of a phone. The habitual checking of the screen at a time when it is inappropriate or when we really should not be bored can affect some users.

If you find yourself checking your screen when you are with friends or a significant other and it has caused some stress then you might be accused of ‘phubbing’ them. Phubbing or phone snubbing is the act of ignoring someone who means a lot to you in favor of your mobile phone.

This act of ignoring a significant other has led to relationship break-ups, and is, in fact, now high up there with money issues and children for couples parting. In 2017, a report stated that the average smartphone users spent at least 2hrs a day (UK) just checking on their smartphones and if you begin to add those hours up they total a pretty high monthly hour rate (88.5).

There is no doubt that we now live in the mobile age with many calling this last decade a mobile revolution. But, if you do believe that you could be using your device a little too much then you might want to track your usage and there are a few decent apps that will do this for you.

They work in much the same way that a digital calorie counting app works where you can set a daily phone usage limit for just yourself or the whole family. The food for thought is if you find yourself checking once again your screen when out with your significant other or friends?

Image Credit: Researchdigest.tumblr.com



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