How to add videos to TikTok collection

Assuming that you are a TikToker and transfer recordings to this informal organization consistently, you want to make a playlist on TikTok.

TikTok Introduces New Playlists Feature for Themed Video Collections
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What is this playlist for?

As a TikTok content maker, it permits you to sort and arrange your recordings by anything that name you need. Thusly, you make it simpler so that your supporters and TikTok clients could see the recordings on your profile.

You can utilize them to characterize the difficulties or two-part harmonies. You choose.

Would you like to know how to make a TikTok maker playlist? We should begin!


Step by step instructions to make a playlist on TikTok

There are two distinct ways of making a playlist on your TikTok channel: from your profile or a video previously transferred.

Here we’ll clarify the two choices:

Create a TikTok playlist from your profile.

1 Go to ‘Me’ in the application and open it.

You know that when you open TikTok, the application guides you to the recordings. This time you are keen on going to your profile, so click on ‘Me’.

2 Tap on ‘Sort recordings into playlists’

In the recordings tab, you will track down this choice to sort the substance. Click it

3 Choose the name from the rundown

The last advance is genuinely clear, pick a name for the playlist, and begin adding recordings. Remember that the objective is to stand out for the TikTok client to urge them to look at the playlist: challenges, dialects, viral clasps, whatever rings a bell.

Make a playlist

1 Choose a video from your profile

This first video is the one with which you will make your first playlist. Sit back and relax. You can restore the request or even erase it.

2 Create the playlist

When you’re in the video, click on ‘Offer’ at the lower part of the screen and tap on ‘Add to playlist’. If you don’t have any made, click on ‘Make a playlist.

3 Follow the means to complete it

When the playlist is made, follow the means and, once more, pick the name you need to provide for your rundown and begin adding recordings.

Step-by-step instructions for adding a video to your website.

Do you as of now have your playlist on your TikTok profile? Now is the ideal time to add the recordings to your playlist.

How do get it done?

1 Select the video

Observe the video you need to add from your Tiktok profile.

2 Click on ‘Offer’

Beneath the chosen video, click on ‘Offer’ on the right or tap and hold the screen.

3 Select Add

Tap on ‘Add to a playlist

4 Choose the playlist

Pick the playlist you need to add the video to or make another one.

To add a video to the playlist, the video must be public. Likewise, every video can be just in one playlist.

You can likewise add it straightforwardly when you go to transfer a video. Before recording or transferring it, tap on ‘Add to a playlist, pick which one you need, and distribute the video.

Adding the video to the playlist is just conceivable assuming that you have a playlist previously made.

Instructions to eliminate a video

The interaction is likewise very simple.

1 Choose the video you need to erase

2 Tap on ‘Offer’ at the lower part of the screen

3 Click Remove from Playlist

Deal with your playlist

Like a playlist on Spotify, in TikTok, you can likewise oversee and alter your playlist.

To deal with your rundown, click on the ‘… ‘ symbol situated at the upper right of your rundown.

How would you be able to manage your TikTok maker playlist?

  • Alter, rename or erase the playlist.
  • Erase or add recordings to the playlist.
  • Sort the recordings in every playlist.