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How to Beat Goblin Warden Challenge in Clash of Clans
A guide on Beating Goblin Warden Challenge in Clash of Clans

The latest season of Clash of Clans, taking place in June 2023, has introduced a captivating theme centred around the notorious greens. As part of this season, players can participate in the Goblin Warden Challenge, which follows the previous Goblin Queen Challenge and presents an intriguing base to conquer for a 3-star attack. To assist gamers in achieving victory, we have compiled effective strategies to overcome this obstacle.

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The Goblin Warden Challenge entails a Town Hall 15 setup featuring a combination of scattershots and monoliths on both sides, three sets of Inferno Towers located alongside the Town Hall, and the Clan Castle positioned in the middle and corners, respectively. At first glance, the defence may not appear overly formidable, but the attack composition is exclusively ground-based, with the Warden acting as the sole hero.

As with previous challenges, players can expect a similar rewarding pattern, with additional resources and the opportunity to earn 400 XP, 25 gems, and 1 power potion.

To defeat the Goblin Warden Challenge in Clash of Clans, it is crucial to devise a meticulous plan due to the base’s deceptive nature, particularly with Town Hall 15 positioned at the centre. Successfully taking down both the town hall and scattershots is of utmost importance to securing a three-star victory. Additionally, triggering the base’s traps is essential. The following tactics outline an effective approach to achieving success in this challenge:

Step 1: Triggering the traps

The initial objective is to activate the traps. Utilise two sneaky goblins on the bottom side of the base where the clan castle is situated. Position them in two different openings to initiate trap triggers. On the left and right corners, deploy a hog each to activate traps and eliminate the hidden Tesla defences.

Returning to the Clan Castle side, employ 4-5 sneaky goblins on one opening. Instead of scattering them, release them closely together. Once they enter the area, employ an invisibility spell to conceal only the sneaky goblins and not the clan castle. Employ the same method to target the town hall. Successfully executing this portion of the attack will mark the completion of the first step.

Step 2: Targeting the Inferno Towers

Proceed to the top side of the base, where the Inferno Towers are positioned. Commence with the Warden Walk and activate a Rage Spell once the Inferno Towers have set their sights on the Warden. Employ a poison spell to counter the skeletons triggered by the traps as they approach the Warden. This should effectively eliminate the three defensive buildings. Once this phase is accomplished, it is time to introduce the Hog Riders.

Caution is paramount during this step. Observe the direction in which the Warden is moving to ensure the Hog Riders are deployed accordingly. Trigger the Warden’s ability once all the Hog Riders are within his range, and subsequently release the Headhunters. Upon clearing one side, apply a healing spell to the other side to support the hog riders. Finally, unleash the wizards to thoroughly eradicate any remaining defences within the base.

Conquering the Goblin Warden Challenge in Clash of Clans requires careful planning and execution. The Town Hall 15 setup with scattershots and monoliths poses a significant challenge, but with the right strategy, victory is attainable. Triggers play a crucial role, so utilise Sneaky Goblins to activate traps and hidden Teslas. Employ an invisibility spell to protect the sneaky goblins, focusing on the clan castle and town hall takedowns. Proceed to address the Inferno Towers with a Warden Walk, supported by Hog Riders and Headhunters. Lastly, utilise healing spells and wizards to eliminate the remaining defences. By following these tactics, success in the Goblin Warden Challenge awaits you.