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How to download the latest version of FMWhatsapp

FMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD that allows us to communicate with our connections while also taking use of the additional features available. It’s a tweaked version of the original app that adds additional capabilities and features not found in the original. There are a lot other MODs like this, but this one is definitely the finest. It was created by Fouad Mokdad, the author of numerous well-known MODs. It is a  free yet unauthorised app produced without permission on behalf of the original code’s legal proprietors.

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Using MODs of this type is typically safe, however there are still certain risks involved. On the one hand, it can’t ensure that the information transmitted will reach its intended destination, and on the other, you may be banned for violating WhatsApp Messenger’s terms of service, forcing us to install the official software.

The following are some of its most important features and functions:

  • The last connection time, the blue checks for read messages, and the fact that we’ve visited our friends’ statuses all have new privacy choices.
  • Additional security features include the ability to use patterns or PIN numbers to restrict access to the app and chats.
  • On the same phone, you may use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time.
  • The community has generated over 4,000 unique visual themes to customise the interface.
  • New customization options have been added, ranging from basic colours to text.
  • The maximum file size that may be sent using the app should be increased.
  • It is possible to email pictures in their original format without compression.
  • Innovative emoji packs to be used in conversations.

The main purpose of this MOD is to interact with our contacts who use WhatsApp or other messaging apps. Text messages, phone calls, and video calls are all options. Additionally, similar to Instagram Stories, there is a status area that allows us to post images, videos, or text messages as updates that are accessible to our contacts for 24 hours. 

The limits of WhatsApp’s features are the only thing that bothers consumers. The video size is restricted to 16MB, just like you can only email up to 30 pictures at a time. Furthermore, the maximum file size for PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations is 100 MB.

These restrictions were put in place to prevent spam, but you may choose to remove them at times. Many WhatsApp users begin seeking for an other app that does not have these limitations. Many new features have been added to FMWhatsApp, such as the ability to block internet connection in FMWhatsApp utilising airplane mode.

Link to download FMWhatsapp – https://latestmodapks.com/fmwhatsapp-apk-download-page/





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