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How To Get Gold in Farthest Frontier
All the best strategies to get Gold in Farthest Frontier

Gold is the primary currency in Farthest Frontier, and it is essential for players to acquire as much as possible in order to progress in the game. However, players don’t start off with gold as necessary or even desired as they build up their village. It is only later in the game that gold becomes a crucial resource. Veterans of the Farthest Frontier know the importance of acquiring gold early on, and there are three ways to do so.

Credits – Steam

All three ways to obtain Gold:

The first way to get gold is from the market. The market does yield gold at the start, but it is a small amount. Players who rely on this income will find that they are always at a net negative. However, markets do give players something at the start and having them increases the desirability of nearby homes. As the game progresses, markets can be upgraded into market squares, which will begin to generate much more meaningful gold.

The second way to get gold is from traders that intermittently visit the village. When a trader comes by, players should visit the trading post and look at the items that have a green arrow pointing to the right. This means that the trader would like these items, and players who grow an abundance of the best crops will find that they can quickly turn these items into gold without starving the village. Keep an eye out for the green arrows up by the gold ingot icon, indicating that the product is selling for higher than usual.

The third and most important way to get gold is by crafting gold ingots themselves. After reaching tier three, players can build a foundry and have at least one gold mine in operation. When staffed, players can direct the workers to make iron bars as well as the coveted gold ingots. Players can control the ratio of ingots made. Those with enough gold will want to back off and make more iron, and vice versa. At this stage, players will be making so many gold ingots that the other methods will become supplementary at best and possible even obsolete on a gold-dense map.

In conclusion, gold is a crucial resource in Farthest Frontier and players should acquire as much as possible in order to progress in the game. The three ways to get gold include getting gold from the market, getting gold from traders, and crafting gold ingots. Players should focus on these methods early on in order to have a significant amount of gold before the game demands it. With the right strategies, players can ensure that they have enough gold to progress in the game and build a successful village.