How to get postcards in pokemon go

Here’s the beginning and end you want to be familiar with postcards in Pokemon GO, including how to stick them and gather them in your Postcard Book!

Introducing the Postcard Book! – Pokémon GO
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Pokemon GO is tied in with adventuring, and keeping in mind that the fundamental focal point of these undertakings is to get Pokemon, players can likewise gather postcards.
The most effective method to Gather and Stick Postcards in Pokemon GO
There are two distinct ways that Pokemon GO players can gather postcards in the game:
Saving a postcard from a Rec centre or PokeStop you have visited by surveying the Gift you got from that point.
Squeezing the pin button on a Gift a companion has sent you.
The most effective method to Save Postcards from Areas You Have Visited
Turn a PokeStop or Exercise centre to get a Gift
Press the Jab Ball button and afterwards select the Things button
Look down your things list until you see Gift, and tap on it
You will see each Gift has a postcard connected to it
For each unique Gift, you can tap on it and afterwards press the Save button to add that postcard to your Postcard Boo
The most effective method to Save Postcards From Gifts Companions Have Sent You
Go to your Companions tab
From the guide menu, press your mentor symbol in the base left of the screen
Then select the Companions tab in the upper right of the screen
Look at your Companions tab to check whether anybody has sent you a gift
If you have no Gifts to open, get a companion to send you one
This should be possible in the Companions menu by tapping on a companion and squeezing the Send Gift button
Tap sent on a companion you a Gift to open it
While opening the Gift, you can press the pin button in the base right to stick the postcard.

What number of Postcards Might Your Postcard at any point Book Hold?
Pokemon GO players can set aside 300 postcards in their Postcard Book. This is the default measure of capacity and can’t be extended.
Be that as it may, assuming that your Postcard Book is full, you can eliminate postcards to set aside some room for new ones.
Instructions to Eliminate Postcards From Your Postcard Book
Players can eliminate postcards from their Pokemon GO Postcard Book by choosing which postcard they need to dispose of and squeezing the erase button.
The possible motivation to dispose of postcards is if you arrive at the 300-postcard limit, which will consume most of the day to do.
Go to your Postcard Book
This is tracked down in your coach menu just underneath your Symbol
Push on any postcard you need to eliminate
Press the button with the three lines in the base right corner
Select Erase
Pokemon GO Guide For Vivillon Postcard Areas
Gathering postcards from better places can give you experiences with a Scatterbug from a specific locale.
The guide underneath shows the districts of all of the Vivillon designs – you should stick postcards from these areas to get an experience with a provincial Scatterbug, every one of which develops into an alternate Vivillon design.