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How to get prime membership

If you haven’t yet purchased an Amazon Prime subscription, now is the time to do so. Amazon Prime membership costs rupees 129 per month or rupees 999 up front, and is ideal for online shopping. Amazon Prime members have access to the newest Bollywood blockbuster movies, unrestricted streaming of movies and TV series, free one-day and two-day delivery, exclusive shopping bargains, and a selection of free music, among other things.

To get an Amazon Prime membership, go to the Amazon website and click on test prime in the right upper corner simply for the card. You may choose between a monthly membership for Rs. 129, which you must renew every month, or an annual subscription for Rs. 999.


So, let’s get into the steps to  get your  Amazon Prime Membership so that you can enjoy unlimited movies, shows music and shopping too.

Step 1:To start out you need to first click the cart option on your Amazon Prime page on the browser on the top right corner this will land you on the Amazon Prime membership options page.


Step 2: Next, you need to choose whichever plan is suitable for you there are plans for or monthly subscription as well as a yearly subscription. You can choose whatever suits you the best.


Step 3: Once you click on the plan you want to buy it will ask you to log into your account put in your credentials to log in and get to the next step.


Step 4: Next, it will ask you to select a payment method you need to put in a valid payment source If you are planning on buying a monthly subscription then there are certain restrictions on the payment methods such as all you can use to pay is all the types of credit cards and some limited debit cards whereas for the yearly subscription and 3-month subscription pack you can use all the payment methods to pay for the subscription.


Step 5: Next, you need to put in your CVV move on to the next page.

As soon as you put in your CV and click for the payment. It will ask you to put in the OTP which has been sent to your card linked mobile number.


Step 6: After putting in the OTP you need to click the submit the process to accept the payment and activate your prime membership will take a few minutes. Once it is done it will show you a thank you message.




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