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How To Increase Internal Storage For PS5

This is a guide to help you increase the internal storage for PS5. Internal storage is one of the most important features of a console. It is the place where all your games, movies, and other media will be stored. With PS5 already 2 years old now, Sony has made a bunch of options available to increase internal storage for their next-gen console. There are many different ways to increase your internal storage for the PS5 or even PS4, but it all depends on what you want to do with your console and how much money you want to spend.How To Increase Internal Storage For PS5

The PS5 has a larger internal storage than the PS4 and Xbox One. It has an 825 GB SSD, which can store a good amount of games at once. This huge increase in storage space will allow gamers to download more games on their consoles and save more data as well.

To increase the console storage internally:-

1.) Update your console to the latest version and power it off.

2.) Put the PS5 face down and gently pull the top cover your side until you hear a little click.

3.) After the removal of the top plate you’ll find the expansion slot hidden below a metal cover.

4.) With the help of a screwdriver unscrew it.

5.) Carefully align your M.2 SSD in the slot.

6.) Srew it back, and insure it is fully secured.

7.) Place the top plate back.

How To Increase Internal Storage For PS5

If all the steps have been followed properly the SSD formatting guide will appear on the screen when the console is turned on. Once the formatting is done your new SSD will be ready to use. Sony’s patent for a new SSD is likely to come in handy. It creates a smaller footprint while still maintaining the same amount of memory. This means that they can put more storage inside their consoles, which will result in more games.

For old-gen consoles, you can also buy an external SSD. You can buy any size that you want but it is recommended that it should be at least 1 TB. The next step is to connect the external hard drive to your PS and go into settings. Afterward, go into storage and select manage storage. Now click on the external hard drive and select games/apps from its content type drop-down list. Finally, click on the tick button in order to move the data from your PS’s internal memory onto your external hard drive.



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