How To Make An Item Pile in Stranded Deep
Organize your Stranded Deep Inventory with this neat trick

Stranded Deep is a survival game that requires players to gather resources, craft tools, and build structures to survive on a deserted island. One of the most helpful features in Stranded Deep is the ability to make Item Piles, a form of resource storage that allows players to collect and store items of a single category in one place. This not only makes resource management easier, but also helps players keep track of their resources more efficiently. In this article, we will be discussing how to make an Item Pile in Stranded Deep.


Credits – Stranded Deep Wiki

How to bring up the pile option:

To make an Item Pile in Stranded Deep, players must first open their Quick Craft Menu. The Quick Craft Menu is a tool that allows players to craft items and structures using the resources they have gathered. To open the Quick Craft Menu, players must press the C key (PC) or equivalent button on other platforms.

Once the Quick Craft Menu is open, players can select the resource they wish to turn into a pile. For example, if they have Sticks in their inventory, they will find “Wood Stick Pile” in the Quick Craft Menu. Players must then select the “Wood Stick Pile” option and follow the on-screen instructions to make the pile.

It is important to note that Item Piles can only be made from specific resources. For example, players cannot make a pile of Food or Clothing items, as these items are not stackable. To find out what resources can be turned into Item Piles, players can check the Quick Craft Menu or consult the game’s manual.

Once the Item Pile has been created, players can place it on any surface they wish. Players can then add more items of the same type to the pile by dragging them from their inventory and dropping them onto the pile. Players can also remove items from the pile by clicking on the pile and selecting the “Take” option. The number of items in the pile will update as players add or remove items, allowing them to keep track of their resources more easily.

Item Piles serve as a container that can be “opened”, with each entity being removable. This change not only takes place logistically within the container inventory, but players can also see the number of objects increase or decrease in the Item Pile. This makes it easier for players to keep track of their resources, as they no longer have to search through their inventory to find what they need.

Benefits to making an Item Pile:

One of the benefits of using Item Piles is that they help players save space in their inventory. Instead of having a large number of individual items taking up space, players can store all of their resources of a specific type in one place. This not only makes inventory management easier, but also helps players keep their resources organized and easier to access.

Another benefit of using Item Piles is that they allow players to collect resources more efficiently. When players gather resources, they can add them to the pile instead of carrying them individually. This not only saves time, but also reduces the risk of players losing resources due to hunger, thirst, or other hazards on the island.

In conclusion, Item Piles are a useful tool in Stranded Deep that can help players manage their resources more efficiently. By allowing players to collect and store resources in one place, Item Piles make it easier for players to access and keep track of their resources. Additionally, Item Piles help players save space in their inventory and collect resources more efficiently, making survival on the deserted island much easier. So, if you’re playing Stranded Deep and looking for a better way to manage your resources, item Piles are the way to go.