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How to merge PDF’s on Mac

Are you attempting to combine several PDFs? Don’t get too worked up over it. Though dealing with several documents might be challenging, there are a few simple ways to merge PDFs, whether you’re putting up a portfolio or simply trying to reduce file clutter.

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Adobe Acrobat is one of the most popular tools for merging PDFs, but it will set you back at least $13 a month for a membership. Fortunately, no matter what sort of computer you’re using, there are a couple different ways to merge PDFs for free.

Merging PDF’s using Preview

One of macOS’s hidden jewels is Preview. Not only can you use it to edit photos and sign documents, but you can also use it to do basic PDF operations without having to pay for a specialist PDF editor.

You may simply merge several PDF documents using the Preview app. You can also include a few pages from another PDF document. This is how it goes.

  • In Preview, open a PDF file.
  • Select View > Thumbnails from the drop-down menu. Page thumbnails can be found on the sidebar.
  • Select the thumbnail for the page where the other document will be inserted.
  • Click Edit > Insert > Page from File (if somehow the Page from File selection is dimmed so you can’t click it, ensure that the document you have open is a PDF. Apple claims that some encrypted PDF documents can’t be combined. Choose Tools > Show Inspector, then click the lock symbol to check a PDF’s rights).
  • Click Open after selecting the PDF you wish to upload.
  • To save, go to File > Export as PDF.

Here’s how to merge elements of one PDF with those from another:

  • In Preview, open the PDFs you want to merge.
    Select View > Thumbnails in each document. Page thumbnails can be found on the sidebar.
  • Select the page thumbnails you wish to add to the other document while holding down the Command key. Release the Command key.
  • Drag the selected thumbnails to the other PDF’s sidebar and drop them where you want them. (If you’re using macOS Sierra or earlier, drag the thumbnails into the other PDF’s thumbnails.)

Merging PDF’s using Small PDF

If you may not want to use the Preview app, you may combine PDFs using a website. This is also compatible with any computer, including Windows and Chromebooks.

Smallpdf will be used to do this task.

  • To begin, open the Smallpdf Merge PDF application in your browser. You may either choose and drag PDF files into this window, or use the “Choose File” option to select PDF files from your local storage.
  • After you’ve selected your files, click the “Choose” button.
  • To upload PDFs to smallpdf, click the Choose button.
  • The website will now be updated with the PDF files. For combining PDFs, Smallpdf offers two options. Each PDF will have a preview icon in the normal File mode. You can reorganise the PDFs before merging them with the “Merge PDF!” button.
  • You’ll view all the pages from all the PDFs mentioned here once you switch to “Page Mode.” You may then reorganise the pages by dragging them around. You may also delete a page from the PDF by clicking the “Delete” button.
  • Click the “Merge PDF!” button when you’re happy with the page arrangement.
  • Click the “Download” button on the following page. The combined PDF may be found in your downloads folder.



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