How to reset apple air pods

Apple AirPods are not difficult to utilize, without tangle, have a long battery duration, auto-association element, and considerably more. This large number of highlights have come about in a tremendous fanbase for Apple AirPods. These AirPods are essentially earbuds that work flawlessly with other Apply items, making them ideal for clients who have put resources into the Apply environment.

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Apple’s original AirPods, AirPods 2, AirPods 3, and AirPods Pro all have a reset button that will take them back to their factory settings. This can be useful if you’re passing on the wireless earphones to someone else or if you’re having problems with them.


Be that as it may, AirPods have issues as well. Blending your AirPods with another telephone can be a cycle. It can now and then likewise create problems for obscure reasons. Which requires a reset.

The beneath directions work for both more seasoned age models and the AirPods star when utilizing a remote case.

Be that as it may, gadget similarity with explicit AirPods forms differs, which needs you to really look at iOS renditions similarity prior to resetting.

Resetting the AirPods can be a handy solution for some normal issues.

Steps to hard reset Apply AirPods:

  • Place AirPods in the remote case
  • Close the lip
  • Stand by 30 seconds
  • Resume the cover
  • Make certain to leave the earbuds inside
  • Open ‘Setting’ on your iPhone
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Tap on the ‘I’, under the gadget name.
  • Select ‘Fail to remember This Device
  • Pick ‘Fail to remember Device’ to affirm
  • Leave the remote charging case open
  • The AirPods still inside
  • Press and hold the button on the back
  • Hang tight for the light on the front to flicker and take a gander at a golden shading
  • Presently, discharge the button

Steps to hard reset AirPods Max:

  • Charge your AirPods Max
  • They need battery duration to finish the cycle
  • Press and hold the Digital button and the Noise control button for 15 seconds
  • Trust that the light will streak Amber, then, at that point, it will become White
  • Fix them to your Apple gadget

And that’s the end of it. Please keep in mind that now that the AirPods have been reset, they will no longer recognise any of the devices that were associated with your iCloud account. When you open the AirPods case near an iOS device, the setup process is likely to begin, just like the first time you used them.