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How to send money abroad

How do I send money overseas?

Having shared our concern and discovered a solution, we’d like to introduce you to an amazing money transfer service provider: Wise (formerly TransferWise). They make cross-border money transfers simple and secure!

The Cheapest Way To Send Money Internationally

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Wise makes international money transfers quick, easy, and simple.


The transferring process is entirely online and works flawlessly across all devices. You can transfer money from your home country to Germany at any time of day or night, on any device (phones or tablets).


Lowest possible price with no hidden fees

Wise uses the mid-market exchange rate, also known as the real exchange rate, for international transfers. This is the rate displayed on Google, XE, or Yahoo Finance. This will save you money on exchange rates that are usually disguised as zero commission or free transactions.


You will see the costs of your international transfers up front and will only pay what you see!


Maximum security

Wise is a member of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which protects consumers from fraud and unfair pricing and promotes a healthy operating environment for financial firms. That is to say, you are just as safe with Wise as you are with banks.


You can utilize Wise by following these basic advances.


  1. Register with Wise.

They’ll request your email address, and you’ll be approached to make a secret key. You can likewise enlist by signing in with your Google or Facebook account.

Tip: If you as of now have a Wise record, go to the site’s Home and select Send cash, or tap Send on the application, to start an exchange.

  1. Enter the sum you need to move.

You can start with the sum you need to send or the sum you believe your beneficiary should get.

Tip: If your beneficiary must get a careful sum, enter it in the Recipient gets the box. We’ll let you know the amount you want to consequently send.


  1. Educate them concerning the kind of transaction you’re making.

Individual exchanges are instalments produced using individual ledgers.

  1. Enter your data.

They will demand individual data from you, like your location. It is expected to consent to monetary guidelines, yet won’t ever be shared.

  1. Inform them regarding the beneficiary.

Assuming you have their financial balance data, enter it here and the assets will be transferred to that record.

On the off chance that you don’t have their financial balance data, essentially enter their email address.

  • On the off chance that they are on Wise, astute will find the record into which they wish to get reserves. • If they are not on Wise, astute will send them an email mentioning their bank data.
  1. Inspect the points of interest in your exchange.

Make sure that everything has all the earmarks of being altogether. Assuming that you wish, you might incorporate a reference for your beneficiary.

  1. Select your exchange technique and instalment strategy.

The cost for every choice and the term for the cash to show up would be shown.

Paying from your financial balance is regularly the least expensive choice. This implies you’ll need to go to your web-based banking or branch and send the cash to Wise.

That is all there is to it!

After accepting your assets, insightful will affirm the exchange through email or in the application. you’ll likewise be told close by your beneficiary when the assets are coming.



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