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How to use Canva

This guide will show you the basics of using Canva, such as how to create a design, add photos, elements, text, music, and video.

Source: https://www.canva.com/create/newsletters/

Creating a design

  1. Select the type of design you want to make from the given options.
  2. To design something with specific dimensions, click on Custom size, and then add them in the boxes.
  3. Click on Create new design to start.
  4. To use one of Canva’s templates, click on the one you want from the template window.
  5. You can edit each of the elements within the template by clicking on them and using the edit functions that appear above. Resize elements by clicking and dragging the corner boxes. Click and drag an element to move it.


Canva provides a lot of photos that you can use in your designs, either for free or for a royalty fee.

  1. Click on the Photos tab on the left and you will see them appear in the window.
  2. Find the one you want and click on it add it to your Canva.
  3. To add your own photo, click on the Upload button on the left.
  4. Choose your file and click on Open and it will appear on your uploads window.
  5. Click on it to add it to your design. You can also copy and paste an image straight onto your page.
  6. Once your photo is on your Canva, you can edit it using the edit tools in the top right.


Canva offers millions of elements, such as still and animated graphics.

  1. Click on the Elements tab on the left to pull up the window.
  2. Browse the elements and then click to add one onto the timeline. There are many free options.
  3. Canva allows you to edit the individual colours of an element. Click on an element and select one of its colours in the editing bar above to change it to the colour scheme that you want.
  4. Click and drag to move the element or click and drag the corners to resize. A


  1. Click on the Text tab on the left.
  2. Browse through the text designs.
  3. To find out what font a design is, hover over it and click on the three dots.
  4. Click on a text design to add it. You can also search for a particular font in the search bar above.
  5. Your text design will be broken down into separate elements. You can remove one by clicking and deleting.
  6. Replace the text by highlighting and typing. Change other formatting by using the editing toolbar. that appears above.


  1. Click on the Music tab on the left.
  2. Browse the music on offer or use the search tab.
  3. With the track highlighted on your design, you can edit it using the editing bar above.


  1. Click on the video tab on the left.
  2. Browse the free and paid videos or use the search tab.
  3. Click on a video to add it to your Canva page.
  4. Click on the video and trim or edit using the editing bar above.



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