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How to use MyHeritage to animate old pictures

The MyHeritage app, which has recently become one of the most popular apps on social media these days, has a feature called deep nostalgia. This feature lets users of the app edit pictures and add an effect to make it look like the pictures are moving. The app uses AI to animate old family pictures and turn them into short and sometimes creepy videos.

Currently, the MyHeritage mobile application is available for both iOS and Android users on their respective app stores, Google Play and the App Store. On social media, many people are using the app to animate images of famous dead personalities. If you still have not caught up with this trend, here is a guide on how you can use the app now.

  1. Download the MyHeritage mobile app on your smartphone, whether it is an Android or iOS device.
  2. Sign up by entering relevant details in the fields that they ask for, such as your name, phone number, email ID, password, etc.
  3. Upload the picture that you would like to animate.
  4. Tap on the uploaded picture and then press the animation icon on the top of the screen

It is important to note that you will have to wait for almost a whole minute for the animation to be done. Once it has been completed, you can download and share this with your friends through various social platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

Below are a few examples of how some people on the Internet have decided to use this particular feature and have some fun with it.



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