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How to win on placing bets using top-notch bettors’ forecasts?

In recent years, forums are increasingly coming to naught. People are now hard to pull out of the cozy social networks, where they can find a variety of information in their feed. Nevertheless, the forums of narrow topics are still more alive. They are hard to find an alternative because it is the format of the forum allows for a full discussion of various topics and contributes most to the development of conversation.

Using the forecasts of other high-profile bettors, bearing in mind their insights, and making your own vision of the game will help you win money on placing bets. Betwinner India is one of the most legit and well-respected bookmakers in our days. On top of that, after a speedy registration, you will get a warm-hearted Betwinner India bonus. Follow your intuition, stay on your path, and as you know, fortune favours the bold.

More experienced players perceive forums as a platform where they can discuss various theories of the game, question common dogmas or prove the correctness of their strategy in practice. Bettors create separate topics, where they lay out their predictions for all to see. After a certain period the results are calculated (the number of winning and losing bets, profitability, etc.). Many bettors count the results after each game day.

The ins and outs of these forecasts

Let’s think about how beginners can benefit right off the bat. It’s a win-win situation for both sides — top-notch bettors prove their competence, beginners gain invaluable knowledge and forecasts, and forum owners enjoy the growth of the resource.

It should be noted right away that not all seasoned experts in the forums are successful. Some of them bet without any strategy, others give little time to analysis, and some cannot cope with the desire to win back at critical moments. So you have to select 3-5 topics whose authors look the most promising.

The benefits of such topics are as follows:

  • You don’t waste time looking for an event on the line.
  • Those players who bet all the time know that it takes a lot of time just to find the right event on the line. The theme creator will do it for you.
  • There is no need to waste time on analysis.
  • Competent analysis of the game takes at least an hour. Imagine how much of it you need to spend to make 5-10 bets a day. You can simply open the themes of successful bettors and use their predictions. In many cases, bettors also do a textual analysis of the game and give their verdict.
  • You can see the result of each bettor’s game.
  • Betting statistics best display the correctness (or incorrectness) of the chosen strategy of the game, especially when the distance is several hundred bets.
  • It is not vital to copycat bets immediately after the bettor,
  • Try to test them on virtual accounts for a few months.

Buying insider information about match-fixing games

Match-fixing matches are competitions, the result of which is known in advance. On the Internet you can find suggestions to sell information about these match-fixing games. Sellers present themselves as insiders. But in reality they are just common crooks looking for their victims among novice and naive bettors.   

If you want to be sure you’re not betting on a fixed match, choose matches of principal opponents, and matches of those clubs that have a serious motivation to win (for example, getting into a prestigious tournament).


Why buy paid forecasts from unknown people when there are daily forecasts in the public domain with a high percentage of passability made by top-notch bettors? These forecasts are confirmed by time and practice, so they can be trusted. You can be guided by expert advice. But you should not copy their bets one by one.

No financial or game strategy can guarantee a 100% victory. Therefore, you should not buy any magic schemes for a quick enrichment. Control your bank and do not make bets without thinking them over. Only in this case you can count on growth, not plummeting capital. 


Is it profitable to bet relying on other bettors’ forecasts?

Yes, it’s quite profitable strategy to apply. If you just copy other well-known bettors’ successful bets and use it first hand, it will drastically help you in your case.

What is a guaranteed stretegy to win?

Fact of the matter is that there are no guaranteed strategies in betting. There are no win-win bettors that have only victorious parlays and never taste a smell of defeat. You need to trust only your dilligence, gut feeling, and expertise.



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