Hydrogen Powered Drones Will Solve Flight Time And Refuelling Problem

6 April, 2016, UK: The entire world is getting moved by the drone technology and everyday so many innovations are done in its technology to make it a perfect flying device. Adding one more to the list of innovation, Intelligent Energy, a UK based company claims that it has developed a machine which runs on hydrogen fuel.

As per the company, the newly developed device is powered by two hydrogen fuel cells. The main USP of this device is that it spurts out water and warm air as its waste product and as per the investors, it solves two of the biggest problems associated with drones: flight time and re-fuelling.

Speaking about the product, Julian Hughes, Acting MD, Consumer Electronic Division, Intelligent Energy said, “On the top are the two fuel cell stacks – they need oxygen which is from the air, which is what the fans help – and underneath is the hydrogen. So, the hydrogen and the oxygen run across the fuel cell plates and produce electricity.”

“The global commercial drone market is expected to sky-rocket in the coming years, reaching close to 5 billion euros by 2020. But it’s being held back by the short range and long re-charging times of conventional batteries. And with fuel cell technology that we have now put on board, the flight times are significantly increased, up to between an hour and two hours. And no need to recharge the battery, all you need to do is change the fuel source and that takes around a minute,” he added.

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