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iFixit’s new teardown video for Apple Watch Series 7 reveals same display tech taken from iPhone 13
iFixit's new disassembly video for the Apple Watch Series 7 exposes the same display technology used in the iPhone 13

iFixit's new teardown video for Apple Watch Series 7

iFixit’s new teardown video for Apple Watch Series 7
Image Credits: iFixit

iFixit has disassembled the Apple Watch Series 7 and revealed that, while having few modifications on the appearance, it has some significant enhancements on the inside. The primary difference between this gadget and the Series 6 is, as we stated in our review, its slightly larger display. Now, an iFixit breakdown reveals that its display has a touch-integrated OLED panel, often known as “on-cell touch,” which debuted with the iPhone 13.

The decision is uncommon for Apple, according to the website, because the company generally releases new display technology — such as OLED, always-on, and variable refresh rate — on the lower-volume Apple Watch first, rather than the higher-volume iPhone. According to former Apple engineers with whom iFixit collaborated on this breakdown, the new display may have created production delays, causing the firm to deliver the smartphone later than it would have wanted.

When Apple initially unveiled the Series 7 in September, there was no firm release date. According to the former Apple engineers, this generally indicates a delay, and the most likely cause was production difficulties caused by the Watch’s display.

According to the website, “[S]creens have some of the most complicated supply chains and assembly procedures in the business.” In addition to incorporating new technologies, Apple increased the size of the display and added a refractive edge to give the sides the appearance of being slightly curved.

iFixit also discovered that the battery on the device is bigger than those of its predecessors. However, because the device’s bigger screen presumably consumes more power, this does not translate to longer battery life. There are a few more small differences between this version and earlier versions of the Watch. The whole breakdown can be found on iFixit’s website, along with additional images of what’s inside the Series 7.

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