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In First Season of Fundraising, Horses Stable closes Deals worth ₹41.5 crores with 18 Start-ups

Horses Stable

21 May 2019, India:

Fundraising platform Horses Stable today announced that, investors have agreed to invest 41.5 crore rupees with 18 startups, in the first season of fundraising.

The startup informed that there are ongoing discussions between investors and startups to invest an additional 15 crore rupees.

14,000 startups from industries like e-commerce, technology, agriculture, animal husbandry, solar energy, e-vehicles, payment gateways, water conservation, and Ayurveda applied to participate in the first funding season of the startup.

An eminent jury shortlisted 553 startups from the 14,000 that applied, the 553 startups were shortlisted to 35 and then to 28. Each shortlisted startup made a spot pitch to over 12 investors.

“Horses Stable first season has proven a tremendous success, but we didn’t expect anything less. We have a platform that is ideal to serve the startup ecosystem in the country. By bringing together leading investors and promising startups we contribute to the growth of the startup ecosystem in the country,” said, Prashant Agarwal. Founder of Horses Stable.

Prashant Agarwal, added, “Importantly we help promising startups find funding to expand their business. Judging by the success of our first season, we expect our second season to be even more stellar.”

Horses Stable gives entrepreneurs a platform to grow and expand their business. It allows entrepreneurs to pitch their business model to a panel of investors and persuade them to invest money in their business.

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