Intel Sells SSD Business And Dalian Fab To SK Hynix, Here’s What Will Happen Next

An arrangement that has been north of a year taking shape among Intel and SK Hynix has been culminated, essentially for the underlying piece. That being the main bringing of the deal to a close of Intel’s NAND streak memory and strong state drive (SSD) business to SK Hynix for $7 billion, the organizations declared. The arrangement was first reported in October 2020.

Intel Sells SSD Business And Dalian Fab To SK Hynix, Here's What Will Happen Next | HotHardware
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As a feature of the exchange, SK Hynix gains specific NAND SSD-related protected innovation (IP) from Intel and a portion of its representatives, however, neither one of the sides said precisely the number of laborers are being moved. What’s more, SK Hynix claims Intel’s Dalian NAND memory producing office n China as a feature of the arrangement.


This is a kind of staggered exchange, however, with different pieces of the arrangement to be finished at later dates. Intel says the last shutting is relied upon to happen no sooner than March 2025, when SK Hynix will fork out around one more $2 billion for the remainder of Intel’s NAND business resources, carrying the absolute worth to $9 billion.

However, this is a progressive exchange, with different parts of the arrangement being completed at different times. Intel expects the final shutdown to take place no later than March 2025, when SK Hynix will pay another $2 billion for the remaining of Intel’s NAND business assets, bringing the total value to $9 billion.

That last piece of the exchange will incorporate specific IPs connected with Intel’s NAND streak wafer plan and assembling. just as R&D representatives and the total Dalian fab labor force. Until the arrangement is finished, notwithstanding, Intel will keep on making NAND wafers at SK Hynix’s Dalian memory fabricating office, and retail undefined IP connection with the plan and production of NAND wafers.

SK Hynix is additionally making another Solidigm auxiliary to carry on the SSD business it recently gained.

“Solidigm is ready to be the world’s next huge semiconductor organization, which presents a remarkable chance to rehash the information memory and capacity industry,” said Rob Crooke, previously senior VP of Intel who will be named CEO of Solidigm. “We are undaunted in our obligation to lead the information business in a manner that can genuinely fuel human headway.”

When the last installment is made in a couple of years, Intel will quit creating NAND streak memory, and will probably twist things down meanwhile. At the point when the arrangement was declared in 2020, then, at that point CEO Bob Swan said the exchange will permit the organization to “further focus on interests in separated innovation” where Intel can have a greater effect.