iPhone XS Launch 2018 – Reviews and Thoughts

The new Apple iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR are now official. The trio was launched last night by Apple CEO, Tim Cook at 10.47 PM IST, in the Steve Jobs Theater. We will be covering the reviews and thoughts on what experts and users think about the new products.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

But before moving to the review sections,

Let’s find out what is new about these eye-catchy techs

  • At  $999 for iPhone XS (to be pronounced as “Ten S”) and  $1,099 for iPhone XS Max, Apple has announced it’s most expensive mobiles ever.  That’s for the 64GB model, prices for the 256GB are $1,149, and the 512GB is $1,349.
  • The XS Max has a 6.5-inch screen, making it the biggest iPhone.
  • A cheaper alternative to the XS was also introduced as the iPhone XR.
  • Along with Trio of phones, Apple has presented their new watch series. Its features include a bigger screen and far more complex innovations including the healthcare hallmark. 
Apple Watch Series 4


  • This event was being talked for Apple to bring a smartphone which is affordable to everyone. Astonishingly, they introduced their most expensive iPhones ever. 
  • There is a cheaper alternative in the form of iPhone XR with 
    LCD display instead of the LED. 
iPhone XR
  • At $749 (₹ 54,000), it is cheaper than the XS and XS Max but Tim Cook called it an iPhone for everyone. So, is it really that affordable? 
Price comparison of iPhone
  • Now let’s take a look at the features of the new iPhone
Feature comparison iPhone
  • Talking about the features, iPhone XR comes with an LCD display and single 12 MP Camera. So, is $749 really worth? Considering there are tons of other smartphones and much cheaper price and more features.
  • With the A12 bionic chips, Apple claims it to be 50% faster than their previous A11 and finally, iPhone is now capable of accepting dual sims ditching its traditional sim tray. A great news for travelers around the globe.
New iPhones
  • Another exciting feature is the new storage capacity at 512 GB. This is by far the largest storage iPhone has ever had. Allowing users to click thousands of more pictures and do other stuff.
  • The battery life has been improved to last an hour and a half more than the previous iPhone X making it possible for the user to not worry about charging and keeping up with the busy schedule.
  • They have also introduced their ‘game-changer’ with the Apple Watch Series 4. An advanced smartwatch for the smart generation.
  • Apple will be looking forward to grabbing the market with XS where the previous X had failed in numbers. Let’s find out if the iPhone XS can become the apple of eyes for the users.


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