Latest products and technologies for gamers and casino players – Gaming expo highlights

One of the essential gambling events of the year, the Gaming Expo, has recently assembled all industry leaders in Las Vegas. Because of the pandemic, it was the first time they met in person in over a year. A ton of important discussions and panels took place at the event, but some of the main trends discussed were cashless gambling, electronic table games, upgraded slot machines, and a digital jackpot system.

Image source: Unsplash
Image source: Unsplash

More cashless payment options

Casinos goers used to pay mostly with cash, but that’s no longer the case. With casinos all over the world closed for the better part of 2020, players had to switch to online casinos. This galvanized changes in offline casinos as well. There’s still a ton of casino providers that accept US dollars, but cashless payments are becoming more common too.

And credit cards and e-wallets are not the only options anymore. First, cryptocurrencies, which have been rising in popularity among gamblers for a while, are going to get even bigger in the upcoming years. Given the benefits (safety, privacy, speed), everyone who prefers gambling online should look into them. But offline casinos are adopting their own cashless methods too. Going forward, all major resorts will offer visitors loyalty cards for them to use in casinos instead of cash or credit cards.

An alternative to live dealers

Another development in the gambling industry reinforced by the pandemic is live dealer casinos. A lot of gamblers lacked a sense of community when playing in online casinos, so operators came up with a solution. They added an option of playing all popular table games (blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, you name it) with a human dealer online. Live dealer casinos are a great choice for everyone inexperienced in table games because the dealer helps new players understand what’s going on and adapt quickly.

However, Gaming Expo shed light on the most recent innovation—electronic table games (ETGs). Admittedly, ETGs are only an innovation for North American gambling markets, but still. They use the same technology as slot machines—Random Number Generator (RNG)—which eliminates the need for a live dealer. Even after the pandemic is fully behind us, land-based casinos will still use ETGs because they cut casinos’ expenses and optimize the gambling process for visitors.

Next-generation slots

Slot machines are perhaps the most popular casino game among people new to gambling. They are fun, fast, and don’t require any special skills from a gambler. Everything is strictly random. The only problem with the slots that most casinos are currently using is that they are a bit outdated. Many of them still accept cash as the only payment option. Sure, there are a lot of vintage lovers out there. But regular casino goers agree that slots are in dire need of reform.

Luckily, slots’ old-school-y vibe will soon be gone (at least in all major casinos). Next-generation slot machines will be massive and arranged in the entire slot cabinets with giant screens so that nothing distracts players from the gambling process. Due to their size, they will also be easy to locate once you enter the casino floor. If you were craving to see the same level of immersion you get from video games, rejoice. You won’t have to wait long.

Jackpot Xpress

Finally, experts from the Gaming Expo promise to achieve a more seamless experience for jackpot winners. Currently, once you hit the jackpot, your game basically ends. The slot machine doesn’t operate while a manager is dealing with all the necessary documents. It’s disheartening and has caused much criticism among regular casino patrons. Soon, though, everything will be different. Major casinos (for example, Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas) will adopt Jackpot Xpress, a system that digitalizes and streamlines all the bureaucracy involved. So, there’ll be even more incentive to try to win that jackpot.