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Loup Ventures: Expects 80% Delivery Growth of Tesla Model Y Sales
As per the report by a research driven capital venture firm, Tesla Model Y could increase sales this year.

From december 2019 to March 2021, Tesla Model Y had a growth of 23% to 109%. Loup Ventures says that in 2021, this model can have 80% growth in it’s sales.

Tesla Model Y: Reviews, features, price, etc

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With Giga factory in Shanghai and Berlin, the capital venture firm preditcs high growth for Tesla Model Y. China’s market is crucial for Tesla. Their focus on shifting towards EVs has been beneficial for the company. Adding to that, China has highest population with large potential for Auto-makers to make it global.

Tesla’s Goals for 2021

Tesla aims to have 50% sales growth on an overall. On 27th April, Elon replies under a tweet that Tesla Model Y will possibly be top-selling vehicle by at least 2022.

Furthermore, Tesla’s growth in 2021 is crucial for it’s future growth. Also, they believe that their production would depend on operational efficiency, capacity, equipment capacity and stability of their manufacturing process.

Other factors would include quality control. As once Elon himself told that specific times are there when buying a Tesla would give you a better quality. It is nothing new that production in large numbers has always been a challenge.

Loup Ventures’s report

The crucial factor to determine the future ramp is based on their past sales. Tesla had 109% delivery growth. While other car makers had growth ranging from 1% to 28%. in 3rd and 4th quarter of 2020.

Though the automakers comparison is not appropriate, considering Tesla has China market. While other auto-makers are either only in America, and Europe or, solely in China. The global EV player had been doing good with the sales globally.

Tesla’s report on its sales, Image Credit- Loup Ventures

There has been reduced sales in other models, Model X and Model S. Moreover, Elon Musk is also focusing on getting a PR team, to focus on the misrepresented facts about Tesla. There have been issues where a simple Tesla accident became a talk with assumptions.

However, by the end of the investigation they come out to be false allegations. Though such incidents haven’t done anything majorely on the company. Their ban on China’s military area was a minor concern.

Safety factor report

Loup Ventures is a research driven capital venture firm, which has always given it’s expertise on Tesla’s growth. Earlier last month Loup Ventures’s Gene Munster gave his research on safety factor of Tesla.

Besides the tax credit of $7,000 on buying a Tesla, there is another unnecessarily concern in the market. With Joe Biden’s infrastructure plans, this credit is expected to go down. And the purchases are expected to increase by Q4 this year.

If there are any concerns with Tesla, it is only the couple of times Tesla has been falesey accused of not being safe. Especially when there is a Model Y crash, it is always assumed that the car had FSD Beta (Tesla’s autonomous driving system). Howvever, that wasn’t the case and Tesla has better safety system that every other self-deriving system.





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