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Marketing to Millennials for Auto Shop Owners

Individuals born between 1981 and 1997 fall under the category of millennials, Pew Research Center explains. The United States Department of Health and Human Services agrees with this assessment, which is of importance when it comes to marketing. Each generation comes with its preferences when interacting with companies, and millennials continue to garner a great deal of attention. They make purchases, just as any group does, but they want to communicate with businesses when doing so.

As these individuals grew up in the age of the internet, marketers often assume the best way to reach this group is through their mobile devices. However, other marketing channels cannot be ignored. They watch television, listen to the radio, and read magazines and newspapers. This becomes of great importance when one realizes the purchasing power the group has today. Experts believe their purchasing power will increase more in the coming years, which means marketers must figure out how to connect with them and build relationships.

The automotive industry needs to recognize the importance of interacting with this group. Many individuals are purchasing their first car without help from mom and dad. The experience they have when doing so will influence future vehicle purchases. In addition, they must handle repairs and other matters related to the vehicle. Auto shops need to gain their trust and loyalty. Doing so isn’t easy, but it can be done. The following advice from UpSwell becomes of great help when doing so.

Direct Mail

Direct mail builds trust, but many auto shop owners overlook this marketing technique when it comes to millennials. They believe these individuals spend the majority of their time on electronic devices. Mail to this group remains a novelty, so they spend time reading ads that show up in their residential mailbox. In fact, 84 percent of millennials go through their mail regularly, according to US Presort, a direct marketing firm. They serve as a captive audience and businesses can benefit from this.

The goal must be to build trust with this age group through the use of direct mail. All parts of the mailer must match what the consumer knows about the brand. Any inconsistency could lead them to look elsewhere for the products and services offered. Furthermore, this consistency eliminates any confusion when it comes to who sent the mailer.

Ensure the mailer contains testimonies from satisfied customers. Millennials turn to user reviews more than other generations, and every business needs to consider that and benefit from it. Include an offer that allows the reader to visit the shop and learn the benefits of working with you, such as a free oil change or tire rotation.

Social Media Advertising

An auto shop must post on social networks regularly to see good organic results, but that isn’t enough today. The shop must pay to get noticed due to the amount of competition seen on these sites. Facebook ads serve as a good way to reach the desired audience. However, social media advertising continues to become more competitive. For this reason, companies must find ways to generate interest and get the best return on investment. Marketing experts recommend creating ads that focus on a specific event or target a subset of the targeted group. For instance, the auto shop may offer a day where women come to learn how to care for their car between tune-ups and inspections.

Another option involves offering a discount to a specific demographic. For instance, young couples often lack funds when they are first starting their careers. By offering them a discount on an oil change or tire rotation, the shop shows they care about their customers and want to help them save money while getting necessary work done on their car. The driver remembers the discount when they need an auto shop in the future and are more likely to return to the shop that provided them with the savings.

Turn to social media influencers for help in advocating for the brand. Millennials see someone validating a company and want to learn more about the business. They feel more comfortable using the company because someone they trust recommends it. Make certain the social influencer you partner with has influence in your industry and try to spread your efforts over multiple social media platforms. Millennials use several networks, including Instagram and Snapchat, along with Facebook. Make sure you reach them where they are.

Personalization Matters

Millennials, more than other demographic groups, value connections. They want to know who they are doing business with. However, they also want retailers to know them and what they need. An auto shop finds they can build this connection and a long-term relationship with a customer by using past purchasing and repair information. The shop can then customize offers for the specific consumer. For instance, a shop can send maintenance service reminders or let the driver know it is time to come in for an oil change. Combine this information with an offer to save the driver money and increase the odds of them coming in to have the work done.

Mobile Geotargeting

Marketers find they benefit greatly from new technology, and mobile geotargeting serves as a good example of this. With the location services found on smartphones, a marketing provider can track users around a business. This allows them to analyze the consumer’s patterns and behaviors before combining that information with data they obtained offline, such as the user’s home address. The auto shop can then send a mobile ad within a certain region to target millennials.

Another option involves geofencing. With this method, the auto shop sends a mobile ad to a member of the target audience when they visit a nearby competitor. This works best when the ad is placed in an app the target audience frequently uses, as millennials prefer to use apps. Mobile ads sent using this method should reinforce the message sent to the user. This helps to cement the shop in their mind.

Auto shops need to use a multi-channel approach to get the best results from their marketing efforts. Direct mail serves as an outstanding way to build relations and reinforce digital marketing efforts. Doing so provides the highest return on investment.



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