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MekaVerse bags $60M in Ethereum in NFT Sales

MekaVerse NFTs

Another NFT drop is the raging topic of discussion today as MekaVerse bags the record of being one of the largest launches to date. The Ethereum NFTs which were launched yesterday has already acquired massive sales worth $60 million between initial mint and secondary sales.

The What, When, and Why

The monumental sales of the Ethereum NFTs are a good indicator of the rage and craze associated with NFTs these days for people are willing to spend insane amounts of money for something that at the moment is more abstract than real. Spending ETH worth thousands of dollars for something that they cannot even see goes a long way in explaining the exciting fervor associated with NFTs and the way they rule over buyers. The NFT is basically an ownership deed that is backed by blockchain. This deed acts as proof for the fact that a person’s unique avatar belongs completely to them. There are different types of NFTs like digital artwork, interactive video game items, and video files. 2021witnessed a milestone for the market with a commendable growth explosion. Let’s not forget the whopping trading volume in Q3 worth $10.67 billion.

For the uninformed, MekaVerse is nothing but a chain of 8,888 NFT profile pictures. The highlight of these pictures is that they derive their inspiration from the classic Japanese mecha anime series “Mobile Suit Gundam.” These 3D- rendered images are created from a pool of traits, with zero overlapping of traits which accounts for the fact that none of the images are similar or alike to another in any way.

The intrigue of the whole affair is further escalated by the fact that even secondary market buyers do not have the prerogative to see what they will get with the MekaVerse NFTs. The grand reveal is scheduled for October 10-11. Till then, all that is visible is an animated placeholder. After all, suspense and surprise do increase the excitement twofold. Whether the suspense holds a surprise or shock is another question altogether that can be answered only after the 10th of October. The metaphorical blindfold means that the users have zero ideas of whether the NFTs will be rare with unique attributes or something that is more commonplace.

MekaVerse is led by Matt Braccini and Mattey both of whom are crypto artists. The minting process was characterized by massive demand since Thursday. MekaVerse took a different path by holding a closed mint, completely in contrast to the usual open mint. However, the launch did have its dramatic bits with allegations of a probable data harvesting scheme owing to the fact that they had to use their Twitter or Discord account for logging into the raffle system. There have also been allegations about the whole project being a scam owing to the lack of communication and information involved. The team came forward today with an announcement ensuring “maximum security” stating that the reason behind the reduced interactions via social media is “for the sake of our mental health.” In addition to all the above-mentioned allegations, Emerson Trung, the concept artist also came forward stating that he was not fully compensated for the work done.




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