Microsoft will probably make a re-entry in the mobile market with Android based phones by 2019
A new line of android phones by microsoft?

16 July, 2018

After the Lumia line discontinued, Microsoft has so far made no efforts towards a possible re-entry into the smartphone market.

According a Microsoft Store rep, the company is currently working on a new phone that will be powered by Google’s Android operating system.

On being asked about the new phone models, he did not reveal much except for the fact that it will “be powered by Android for sure”. He also confirmed that the device will indeed be Microsoft-branded. 

The phone is not a part of the Lumia series, the report said, adding that the new edition of Android-powered phones will be sold on Microsoft Store.

Microsoft is releasing its apps on the android store. Last year the company bought Edge browser to Android along with Microsoft Launcher, the report said.