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Microsoft Flight Simulator To Get DLSS And FSR Upscaling

Developer Asobo Studios plans to bring AMD FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) and NVIDIA DLSS super-sampling technology to Microsoft Flight Simulator in the upcoming Update 10 for a massive performance boost. In a recent Q&A session posted on YouTube, members of the Asobos team said that Microsoft Flight Simulator will receive an update to AMD and Nvidia’s supersampling solution. Over the past few weeks, a Q&A with Microsoft Flight Simulator developer Martial Bossard, executive producer of Asobo Studio, confirmed that the highly complex flight sim will soon gain support for AMD’s FidelityFX super-resolution technology, starting with Update 10 and beyond.

Microsoft Flight Simulator DLSS

Credit @ Microsoft

As part of the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator session, Asobo confirmed that they are now working with AMD to bring FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 (FSR 2.0) to their games. Asobo, the developer of Microsoft Flight Simulator, announced in a Q&A session last week that both previously announced DLSS support and AMD upgrades will be part of Game Update 10, which is coming in July.

Microsoft has announced that this year’s flight simulator game (from a blog post) will feature NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Advanced Sampling) technology. Nvidia has an upscaling technology called Deep Learning Supersampling (DLSS) for the purpose of providing stable frame rates in demanding AAA titles, although DLSS specifically requires an Nvidia RTX graphics card to run, whereas FSR 2.0 is platform-independent. Team Blue is currently entering the GPU market, including creating its own competitors for FSR 1.0, as well as Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling.

Asobo Studio is also working on previously announced support for NVIDIA DLSS, which is expected to be finalized in Update 10 (scheduled for release in July). Developer Asobo Studios has confirmed that the release of the upcoming Update 10 is still being delayed due to the remaining work on implementing DLSS 2.0.

During a recent Q&A session, Asobo developers, and the Microsoft Flight Simulator teams, confirmed that AMD FSR and DLSS 2.0 will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator within a couple of months. Because AMD’s scaling technology is independent of machine learning, it does work on a variety of gaming graphics cards, though AMD notes that it’s likely to be more demanding than spatial scaling resolution like FSR 1.0, meaning you need a more robust GPU to probably get the most out of it, especially when upscaling to 4K. Microsoft flight simulator is a very resource-demanding game in itself and it needs chunky graphics cards to achieve stable frame rates in optimal resolutions. The addition of DLSS will make a huge difference in achieving great gameplay on a less capable machine.



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