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Missile Attacks Lead To Delayed Tesla Deliveries In Israel

In March, Tesla received import permits to enter Israel. Though it is a relatively small market, the competition for EV is tough in Israel. Only around 100 Electric cars are allowed to be imported. Where Tesla has a permit for entering 20 cars.

Tesla has registered 3 models for sale in Israel

Image credits- Tesmanian

Competing in the EV industry

Tesla received the import permit as “Small Importer” in March. Furthermore, has been delivering Tesla cars from Giga Shanghai in China. BMW was one of the earliest automobile companies to enter their electric vehicle in the country.

However, other companies have been entering the market as Israel announced its goals to remove fossil fuel reliance entirely by 2030. Additionally, they plan to focus more on natural gas-based vehicles rather than electrical ones. However, electric sedans and SUVs are currently being experimented with by providing for government officials.

On the other hand, Tesla had been working on installing charging stations, possibly to increase the demand. However, have not yet received the required permissions to install superchargers. Interestingly, Tesla’s permit is one of a kind, where a company has received permission to sell directly, rather than through dealers.

Though there are no details of the prices, except that it will be Model 3. Tesla is to compete with Porsche, Renault, and BMW in Israel.

Conflicts between countries, delay with deliveries

Being one of the war zone areas, many Israelis and Palestinians are dying because of multiple rocket launches. As recently as May 7th, 35 people died in Palestine.

During these tough times, automakers have to be patient with their deliveries and other services. Tesla, considering the safety of its customers, isn’t making promised deliveries on time. It is because, if the customer comes till the showroom, there are chances of them getting hit by a rocket.

Competing in these times with other EV sellers is the biggest challenge for Tesla. These wars have always existed. However, in recent times they have gone to another level. The Israeli government has killed multiple rockets in the air, saving people’s lives. However, the tension between countries did kill people multiple times.

While it would be difficult if Tesla avoided their sales altogether. Israel’s market would be of added advantage as they expand their sales globally. Especially, when the government showed support toward’s Tesla’s autopilot system. Not all countries are willingly pushing the self-driving systems.

Solar in Israel

Besides their cars, Tesla Motors Israel also planned to include their solar grid. As stated by Tesla when they announced their goals while entering Israel, “Importation, distribution, sale, maintenance, and repair of electric vehicles and mobile energy storage systems, energy generation systems and equipment, including solar panels, solar energy systems, and/or other solar energy conversion systems.”

Tesla has taken its time to enter the Israeli market. However, they are going forward despite the challenges. As the country itself is making aggressive plans towards zero fossil fuels, there is unseen potential.




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