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One-fifth of American adults use smartphones as only source of internet


Washington, April 02: According to new data from the Pew Research Center, one-fifth of adults in the United States use smartphones as their only access point to the internet.

According to the Verge, in the survey, analysts asked adults in the US in 2014 if they did not have high-speed internet service at home and if they did not have many options other than their phones for getting online.

Around 19 percent of respondents met at least one of those conditions while seven percent said that they lacked broadband internet connection and had limited option to get online outside of their smartphones.

The research also found that 49 percent of respondents face problems when they try to display content on their phone at least occasionally and 36 percent said they hit their data caps.

Also, the mobile broadband situation in America is racially and economically biased. If a person is young, poor and non-white, he or she is likely to rely on smartphone for internet access.



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