Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Mobile sports betting: the rise of betting apps

Sports betting isn’t for everyone, but the fact is that nearly everyone can potentially do it. A little perplexed, but it is the reality: sports betting is only for those who are interested in betting and find it enjoyable and entertaining, but nearly everyone who has access to the internet and holds a mobile device is given the chance to bet. Just go here and you’ll realize how easily you can do it. This is the gift of digital technology and its revolutionary advancements, making the lives of people easier and more convenient and bringing betting ever so closer to the punters. So, if you want to explore more on this go 

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Mobile internet in numbers and Mobile Sports Betting

Mobile betting is on a crazy, sharp rise. It is the dominant growth driver of online betting, ever since it has started to become legalized in various parts of the world.

Recent data illustrate that today there are nearly 5.35 billion unique mobile phone users, which is roughly two thirds of the world’s entire population. Pretty big number there! And what is more staggering is that almost 5billion mobile phone users have access to the internet, while also that as much as 60% of all web traffic is generated by mobile internet traffic. These numbers only give us a glimpse of how mobile sports betting and what is the future of mobile sports betting.

What is mobile sports betting?

But what is mobile sports betting and why is it different from online sports betting? Mobile sports betting is the easiest, fastest, most convenient, effortless, efficient and instant way of placing wagers, as the only thing that it requires is you to have a mobile device, download a betting app and of course bet. It is not just betting via the web, it is betting via the web and through a smartphone device, which means that it is portable, flexible and accessible at any time and at any place.

Mobile sports betting apps

From a betting perspective, one considerable manifestation of the capabilities and potentials of mobile technologies and the web 3.0, is the development of mobile betting applications.

Today, it is really hard to find a good online sportsbook that hasn’t launched a mobile version of the website or a mobile application. Betting apps are no longer considered to be ‘delighters’ by users, but essential parts of the core product itself. This is only natural if we consider that sports betting apps have a number of attractive features, which can’t be offered by the betting sites alone and which  of course can’t be overlooked by customers.

Besides the convenience and ease, apps can enrich punters’ experience by optimizing the unique digital capabilities attached to betting. Mobile apps are fully customizable, which means that the interface can be tailored and adjusted to users’ preferences and requirements and the services can be more personalized. Customizing the interface and personalizing the services then means that as users you can get the maximum pleasure from your betting experience.

Betting apps are also extremely helpful in improving your overall betting, through services that are designed to meet your needs. Live streaming, live betting and notifications are three crucial features, which allow smartphone users to place wagers when all the action is still in progress and so get maximum engagement with a game, whenever they want and wherever they are.

So, if you wonder what mobile sports betting is and how betting apps fit to that, just think that they are actually representing the future of wagering!