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Model Y with 4680 cells confirmed, as Elon Visits Giga Berlin
Elon Musk visits Giga Berlin after one and a half year. And some other details are being revealed as he visits.

Yesterday Elon Musk landed in Germany, which is a technical visit to the Giga Berlin. Recently, the delay rumors were cleared when the Economic minister spoke, saying the delay would almost be 2-3 weeks and not 6 months. Furthermore, Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter as people started asking questions about 4680 battery calls in Tesla Model Y.

Image credits- Observer

The visit 

The German team was informed earlier itself by the minister of economics, labor, and Energy for the state of Brandenburg about Elon Musk’s visit. However, the scheduled meet was on May 14th, but Elon Musk finally arrived on May 17th.

First, Elon Musk replied, “Going through all aspects of next-gen Model Y production system with the team. A lot of talented people in Giga Berlin. This place will rock!”

Which later led to battery details as multiple questions loaded under this tweet. Despite the confirmation, the production will start on time, it is most likely that there will some kind of delay. They once admitted that the regulations and other processes are lengthy, and it taking time.

But, the company has the support of the Economic minister, who has been monitoring the factory progress regularly. As it is expected to increase the country’s progress towards EV manufacturing, and create more jobs.

The most recent tweet from Elon Musk says, “Giga Berlin suppliers please accelerate!”. This itself implies that there is a possibility of some kind of delay no matter what.

The 4680 battery cells for Model Y in Austin

So far, it was only known that the Giga Berlin would be having a battery manufacturing cell. However, as Elon Musk visits the factory, he is revealing the details one by one.

His reply to a tweet asking, “Will Austin start by producing 2170 Model Y? or jump straight to 4680?”. To which he replied 4680, no other details.

It nowhere implies details about the models releasing in Giga Berlin. However, the factory is to supply all over Europe. As Giga Texas starts to have 4680 battery cell models, it is most likely that the Berlin factory will have the latest models produced.

The Texas factory is already ramping up to set up a 4680 battery cell manufacturing plant. And the battery is considered a game-changer as it has more capacity than any other EV manufacturer. And is powerful than a fuel-based car. For grabbing the attention of buyers, such competition with fuel-based cars is needed in terms of range and capacity.

Earlier, during Q1 earnings calls Elon Musk said that the battery plant is 14-18 months away from producing 4680 battery cells. But, he also added that limited production is to start this year-end. There were no details about how limited of which model, but now he confirmed that it is for Model Y.



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