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Tesla’s 10,000 hires for Tesla Texas factory
You don't need a college degree to get hired in Tesla - Says Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s recent tweet on the Texas factory hiring people without a college degree has created a sensation. Tesla has always been a unique one among the other elites Billionaires.

This Is the Mindset That Makes Elon Musk So Incredibly Successful | Inc.com

Credits- Inc Magazine

The factory in Texas

In the statement to the press, Tesla added that “thinking about recruiting students who can graduate high school and start a career at Tesla while continuing their education.”

Earlier, the stated available jobs were 5,000 in the Texas factory, however, now another 5,000 job openings have added. The company got in contact with local colleges and schools, coming up with a plan where people could work for the company and still finish their graduation.

Tesla is not only moving forward in terms of technological advances but also in terms of hiring. While the offer is tempting, there are conflicting aspects of these job openings. Austin is the capital city of Texas and yet, the city is not popular among non-locals, due to different aspects like racial discrimination. Moving to Texas is not attractive for many while working for Tesla is tempting.

With Tesla’s entry into a place like Austin, the suspense is still on. The Starbase factory has its own advantages, and the company is trying to attract more applications. However, the real deal about what are the perks given by the company are not detailed. Job roles like sales executive, engineers, technicians, support personnel, and many others. Most jobs are entry-level jobs and with the willingness to be part of something unique Tesla can hire anyone with a high school degree.

Not a one-time announcement

While the announcement might look like they are in need of employees to boost up their production, the company is making deals with schools and colleges. The hiring scenario is probably going to continue in the future for the coming high-school graduates in Texas.

Last month, the website listed only 280 positions open, the recent announcement made it clear they have more plans. Austin factory is going to produce the new models, Cybertruck and Tesla Y. Additionally, the Starbase (know as SpaceX) is also going to hire.

While the offer is tempting, though Tesla has more than other companies can offer, the factory wouldn’t be that preferable. The nearest local store is around 30 minutes far and the water is not so clean. There are many comments on Twitter about how Texas is not the ideal place to work, how people move out of the place instead of going back.



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