MOGUL Coin – The First NFT Multiverse for Streaming

MOGUL Coin is a new blockchain project that will revolutionize the streaming industry, by creating an NFT Multiverse. The project was set up by Philip Siemek, Filip Martyni-Orenowicz  and other most prominent students of some of the best universities around the world. The team is backed by an advisory board that is very well known for growing communities or creator-based platforms, that teaches about blockchain in renowned universities and has brought innovative products to market with successful startups. Through the advisory Mogul is also connected to the biggest Polish agencies in the streaming-gaming industry. Mohamed Amine Belarbi, Przemek Chojecki PhD, Piotr Holubowicz and Grzegorz Sobiecki PhD, are some just to name a few. 

MOGUL Coin’s platform creates an unusual ecosystem that is mutually beneficial for streamers, fans and brands. The project’s singular aim is to help streamers monetize their work. We are at the start of an NFT revolution and currently, platforms like Patreon do not offer the full potential for monetization. MOGUL Coin is the solution to these problems. It offers an easy and fast way for fans to buy their favourite streamer’s NFTs and build a virtual gallery. In the near future MOGUL wants people to be able to fully engage themselves in those galleries and to allow them to travel through the digital multiverse. At this moment, because of the platform, streamers and fans can create their own pockets in the digital world in the form of NFT collections. Streamers also have the opportunity to connect to partnering brands and easily strike up deals, up to now there was little hope for small to medium size streamers in that regard.

Benefits of being a part of MOGUL for Streamers and Fans

There are numerous advantages for streamers joining MOGUL

-building a professional streaming channel, 

-minting your own NFTs, 

-interacting with many fans,

-cooperating with many brands.

Fans are able to buy custom one-of-a-kind NFTs created by their favourite creators and in this way they can support them and have an impact on their future growth. 

Whereas, brands can gain a competitive advantage in the market, as MOGUL team makes it very easy and fast for them to connect with countless streamers, that they can work with.

On the picture below you can see all the benefits that fans, streamers and brands have by joining MOGUL.                        


Thanks to MOGUL, NFTs do not have to be boring and common. On their website you can find a variety of different NFTs and by joining their ICO you get a chance to be selected to win exclusive NFTs. What makes MOGUL Coin stand out from the competition is the fact that they are straightforward and honest with their clients. For example on their webpage you can use a calculator to determine your chances of winning an exclusive NFT. 

Below you can see how does the calculator look like.

To join MOGUL Coin’s ICO:

The process of joining the MOGUL Coin ICO is simple and fast all you have to do is:

-go to:

-enter your email address and a password

-verify your email

-link your crypto wallet,

-buy your tokens! (the price per token increases 3x gradually through the ICO, so get your tokens at a cheaper price now!)

* if you want to buy more than $1000 worth of MOGUL Coins, you will also have to submit a short KYC