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Musk asks if Twitter HQ would be better as homeless shelter
In his latest poll, Elon Musk asks about Twitter's San Francisco Headquarters.


Musk enquires if Twitter Headquarters would be better as homeless shelter in a poll.
Source: NDTV

Billionaire CEO Elon Musk has come up with yet another poll on the social media platform Twitter. Clearly, he comes across as a rather avid and witty user of the platform who is not afraid to express every one of his thoughts and opinions. Not a long ago, Musk had revealed a 9.2 percent stake at Twitter Inc., joining its board of directors recently. Currently, he has around 81 million followers on the platform, and comes in the list of top ten most followed people on the social media site.

On Sunday, he posted a rather bold question on Twitter with a poll attached to it. He asked the users of the platform if the San Francisco, California headquarters of Twitter Inc. should be transformed into a homeless shelter. Moreover, he pointed out the reason behind this sudden inquiry- for “no one shows up anyway,” hinting at how hardly anyone comes there to work. The tweet instantly gathered attention of the users. It got way over 630,000 votes in the span of three hours after its debut. Surprisingly, more than 91% of the responds were ‘yes,’ showcasing the straightforward opinions of the users. With him joining the board of director, he holds a 9.2% stake in the company which makes him the largest shareholder.

The tweet posted by Musk:

The Tesla CEO has come forward as a rather active board member since his appointment. He recently proposed numerous alterations to the subscription service of Twitter Blue such as decrease in prices, suspension of ads, along with allowing cryptocurrencies as a payment mode by users. Moreover, he also suggested that subscribers of the service to get an “authentication checkmark,’ distinct from that of verified public or official pages. Currently, features such as bookmark folders, option of ‘undo tweet,’ and reader mode are accessible by subscribers of Twitter Blue.

Additionally, he agreed with a Twitter user who proposed a cheaper price for subscription in Argentina, mentioning that prices should be appropriate to ‘affordability.’ Moreover, he was in agreement with another user suggesting to lower the subscription rate in Argentina. He noted that the rate has to be “proportionate to affordability and in local currency.”

As we know, Musk has always supported cryptocurrencies, often expressing his excitement for it on social media platform. However, he has visibly promoted one token much more than the others- Dogecoin. It is no wonder that he advocated for the use of this medium while stating how users should be allowed to pay with cryptocurrencies for subscriptions.



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