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New renders for upcoming Apple MacBook Air 2022 reveals Pro like notch
New renderings of the next Apple MacBook Air 2022 feature a notch similar to the Pro.

New renders for upcoming Apple MacBook Air 2022 reveals Pro like notch

New renders for upcoming Apple MacBook Air 2022 reveals Pro like notch
Image Credits: Shailesh (Twitter)

The notch appears to be on its way out, as more and more Apple devices are expected to include one. The Apple MacBook Air will be the next to do so. According to Dylan, a well-known Apple leakster, the next gadget to gain a notch will be the next Apple MacBook Air.

Along with the notch, the company will include an improved 1080p web camera, similar to the one found on the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air will not include a full-fledged HDMI connector or an SD card slot, but it will have a MagSafe 3 charger.

According to Dylan, the 2022 MacBook Air will be released in mid-2022 and will be the first gadget to use the Apple Silicon M2 CPU, which will be the successor to the Apple Silicon M1 processor that now powers the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The anticipated 2022 MacBook Air appears to be comparable to the current MacBook Air, with a fanless design. The gadget, like the current generation MacBook Air, will come with a 30W power adaptor and will be available in a variety of color combinations.

The 2022 MacBook Air will include two USB Type-C connectors and a 3.5mm headphone jack in addition to the MagSafe 3 charging port. Furthermore, the USB Type-C Thunderbolt 4 connections are touted to allow up to two external screens with 4K resolution.

The 2022 MacBook Air will have a 13-inch display and, like the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, will use micro-LED technology. However, the leakster is skeptical that the MacBook Air would have this premium display technology because it will raise the price of the product.

It is expected that Apple may drop the MacBook Air moniker in favor of just calling it a MacBook. This suggests that the business may continue to offer the present MacBook Air at a little cheaper price, while the 2022 MacBook Air, codenamed MacBook, may cost somewhat more than the current MacBook Air.

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