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No More Tesla Killers! But, Will this kingship be there Forever?

We are all familiar with the very fact that the planet is revolutionized towards electric vehicles. Without an exception, Tesla stood as the king of electrical vehicles.

Tesla's free-to-use patents are all about sustainability - and strength

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The EV revolution has changed the lifestyle, perspective, and wishes of the people. supported that fact many major companies like Tesla, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Toyota are trying to form their mark to the pioneer of the EV era.

Furthermore, Tesla has been standing as the single pioneer within the American EV sector and leading in many parts of the world. Also, it’s the highest-selling EV in China.

Allegedly, many companies named themselves “Tesla Killers” which introduced their own Evs. But none of them reached the standards of Tesla. Possibly, it’s an incontrovertible fact that Elon Musk completely dedicated their work, invention, and power mainly to electric vehicles.

“We will not stop until every car on the road is electric.”

Musk said on many occasions. This tells us the intuition of the corporate. That’s the rationale for its rigid position even other companies came up with fancy names, designs, advertisements, specifications for their vehicles.

To be the ‘Tesla killer’ the automakers should precisely analyze their issue in designing electric vehicles. Instead of making boasting advertisements or promises.

We cannot say Tesla is ideal in everything. Its own issue is battling timely productions, getting permissions, supply constraints. And it’s a concerning issue with its consumer service and communication. But Tesla never loses when it involves cars.

The lost Tesla Killers

In 2019, Mercedes-Benz EqC titled itself as the tesla killer but it had been an enormous flop, only small units were sold. That made Mercedes reconsider their position on Evs.

In the present scenario, Lucid Motor’s first car Lucid Air may well be considered as the best competition for Tesla Model S. Also, Tesla should possibly be cautious of Lucid air not tumble from their position within the EV industry. Furthermore, Rivian R1T would be the rival for Tesla’s cyber truck.

Concerning till now, the companies which proclaimed themselves as Telsa killers failed miserably. Also, a couple of companies even went Bankrupt. As there’s a visible story of a corporation which at the time of 2015, thought would be apt to be Tesla Killer.

In 2015, Faraday Future a California-based company employed a top crew from major companies like Tesla, Audi, Ford, BMW, and Ferrari. With a workforce of 1500 people and a 1 billion dollar contract to start out their company in Nevada. They had a goal to be the Tesla Killer. But in 2018, the company went Bankrupt. Further entered into the position of a minimum of making business.

For now, there are not any “Tesla Killers”. However, we do not expect in near future too, which make Tesla out of the EV market. But the rivalry and competition would only make a profit for the consumers in getting quality. And new specified cars from many other companies too. If the companies like Lucid Motors come up which are only producing electric vehicles. Then there’s a chance for Tesla to slide from their position, at least momentarily.



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