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Now Amazon Can Build Your House, Too!!!

Now Amazon Can Build Your House, Too!!!

Amazon Invests In Prefab Home
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Amazon, with its latest investment in Plant Prefab, a Rialto, California based modular home manufacturer. The e-commerce giant with a knack for disrupting convention now wants to build your home.

Amazon’s venture capital fund known as The Alexa Fund, to back the startup, which uses automation to build more cost-efficient homes. According to CNBC the expected growth of the industry is $53 billion by 2022 and the company not only sees the potential in the smart home market but wants to be a frontrunner.

Plant Prefab Homes Could Come Fully Integrated With Alexa

Now Amazon Can Build Your House, Too!!!

Credits- Finance Best News

The $6.7 million investment in Plant Prefab comes after Amazon recently launched more Alexa connected devices which include a microwave. Its speculated that Alexa’s presence will be in every Plant Prefab home and technology will be fully integrated.

How Much Is an Amazon Home?

Now Amazon Can Build Your House, Too!!!


The cost of Plant Prefab’s home is less than $500,000 after assembling and delivery and the price range start from $160,000 for a modest one bedroom to $1.23 million for a five-bedroom house. Customers interested in Plant Prefab homes must coordinate directly with the company. No word from the company on yet if the homes are going to pop up in Amazon’s marketplace or be eligible for Prime discounts.

What Amazon’s Houses Mean for Competing Home Manufacturers

Now Amazon Can Build Your House, Too!!!

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Amazon’s entry into the homebuilding market is taking one-stop shopping to a whole new level. Amazon investment in Plant Prefab poses an added threat to prefab home manufacturers that don’t have the benefit of an Alexa-integration partnership. The United States largest homebuilder Lennar were starting to include Alexa-controlled devices as standard features but Amazon’s investment in Plant Prefab could give Amazon more direct influence in the market.

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