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Parallels Between Sudoku and Computer Science

It isn’t easy to think about a world without computer technology in the current age because everything around us is computerized in one way or the other. The vehicles, television sets, and even the mobile devices we use for interactions are computerized. Having basic computer knowledge is a necessity for every individual living in the 21st century. 

Like computer science, puzzles such as Sudoku have also gained popularity. The vital lessons about life they instill make them everyone’s must-have. Computer science and Sudoku share many parallels, but this article will highlight a few of them. 

  • Both Are Popular

Technological advancements have their foundation in computer science. For a few decades, performing simple tasks like calculating a mathematical sum had to be done manually using a book and paper. But with the advent of computerized systems, serving complicated and straightforward tasks have become comfortable. Today, there are automated vehicles that can be controlled by the touch of a button,

Furthermore, these systems are found in almost every part of the world and have simplified performing various activities. Similarly, Sudoku is also popular. Though it may not be advanced as computer science, people of different races and ages play this game. Its addictive nature and ability to help individuals solve challenging problems have made most people prefer playing it.

It has lessons for everyone for individuals in every profession and walks of life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an engineer, programmer, teacher, pilot, or hotel manager. Everyone can relate to the problem-solving skills that Sudoku offers.

  • Both Encourage A Healthy Competition

The ever increasing need to solve complex world problems has inspired computer scientists to create programs that can solve various issues. Almost all computer scientists are in a daily race to create software that hasn’t been designed to tackle complex life’s problems. 

The latest inventions are AI that seeks to help human beings perform a variety of tasks and limit. This technology has been integrated into various industries such as the manufacturing, healthcare, and communication industries. In like manner, Sudoku encourages healthy competition. You can play this game alone, or with your friends. 

However, most gamers like playing with friends because it heightens the excitement, helps them gain new problem-solving tactics, and gives them the ability to compare their playing skills to others. The creation of hundreds of Sudoku apps with sharing options and online communities has made this dream come true. Today, you don’t have to call your friends to your house to compete with them, but through a Sudoku app on your phone, you can measure your skills against those of other online gamers.

Also, the support communities found on the internet can help you gain vital playing tactics that will give you a competitive edge over other players when combined with your skills. The integration of Sudoku and computer science has made the gaming experience more enjoyable.

  • Both Inspire Creativity And Communication

The communication industry has benefited the most from computer science inventions. The world has become a global village because of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This has increased online socialization, making people improve their social skills. Through this media, you can quickly learn and appreciate all people’s culture in the world without having to travel to their countries physically.

The introduction of new programs in the computer world, such as Python, has also led to the creation of new software and other programs that have made life simpler. Sudoku may not encourage communication on a larger scale than computer science has done. 

However, on a smaller scale, it can help to enhance an individual’s social skills. When you sit down to play this game with your friends or online community, you’ll either communicate verbally or through text messages. By interacting with people with different personalities and different cultures and walks of life, you’ll learn new social skills and learn how to handle various tasks. You’ll also appreciate the creativity that others have and borrow to create practical solutions for your daily problems.

  • Both Improve Healthcare

Every functioning government’s aim should be to improve its people’s lives. One way of doing this is to ensure everyone can access good healthcare services that have modern facilities. Modern facilities are created through computer science. Computer-driven technologies have made it easier to detect and cure complex diseases faster than a few decades ago. This is vital because it ensures people are healed quickly and can return to their daily duties. 

On the other hand, Sudoku improves people’s lives by stimulating the production of dopamine. This hormone is important because it can help to reduce anxiety and stress levels significantly. Stress and anxiety weaken the body’s immunity and may result in many other ailments such as high blood pressure and stroke. 

But if you play Sudoku frequently, your stress levels and anxiety will reduce, lessening your chances of acquiring these chronic ailments. Playing Sudoku also exercises the brain and makes it stay fit. A sharp mind will focus easily and help you to complete different tasks and projects on time.

  • Both Offer A Sense Of Fulfilment

A Sudoku puzzle has a problem that one must solve to go to the next level. The difficulty levels of the puzzles vary and range from easy to expert. Beginners are advised to start playing the manageable levels to gain motivation and to complete the challenging levels.

Solving a puzzle requires you to think and concentrate. Sometimes this may be complicated, and you may need to take a break to freshen up before coming back to find a solution. However, if you complete one level, you’ll experience a sense of accomplishment that will give you the drive to handle the more challenging levels. 

Similarly, computer science requires figuring out coding languages to develop a program successfully. Understanding the rules that the codes use isn’t simple and may need you to think hard. At other times, you may even have to combine all the techniques you know to develop running software. But when you eventually create an operational program and see how it solves people’s problems, the sense of accomplishment can’t be compared to any other. 

Final Words

Computer science and Sudoku share a lot. However, the most common thing that they have is a problem that needs a solution.



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