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People are sharing hilarious digs at Failed Crypto Coins after the latest Market correction.

There never goes a day on Twitter when something interesting does not takes place. Whatever happens in the world, no matter how major or trivial, it always finds an echo on Twitter, and at times the echo is more audible than the actual voice, thanks to the number of people who take the tail end of every new hashtag that pops up on the social media platform just like mushrooms during monsoon.

And the one term Twitter is all too familiar with is cryptocurrency, which owes its credit to the multitude of tweets from the Tesla CEO that often decides the fate of the same, and that which keeps people on edge. And right now, the social media platform is being hit by a wave of #FailedCryptoCoins memes and jokes, with people polishing their skills of imagination by bringing forth cryptocurrencies that are purely products of a much contemplative mind and absolutely fictional.

And not so surprisingly, the users have let their imaginations run wild and there is a wide array to choose from. And when the imagination runs wild, so does the comic factor, and it will not be an exaggeration to say that it is downright hilarious, to say the least. After all, a little ‘bit’ of fun is not harmful.

Here is a compilation of the best responses and reactions from Twitter

Why not start with something ‘vaguely’ humorous

Now, that is a very delicious idea and you cannot disagree. And as the saying goes, chocolate is the best medicine for heartbreak, and given that cryptocurrency entails a good load of unexpected heartbreak, this might be a good alternative.

Did somebody say dough-ge?

It might be a bit too huge. But if you have a magnanimous heart, it won’t be a problem. (And somebody might say ‘magnanimous pockets’)

Crypt and crypto might sound the same at least to some ears right now.

Now was that a bite or a ‘bit’ of a bite.

And why not some wishful thinking,

Some truths cannot be denied.

Talk about familiar faces



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