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Preboo – An Auxiliary To Parenthood and Pre-schooling !!

PrebooPreboo is a mobile app which facilitates parents by providing them with every terse details about the activities of their kids in a preschool. It helps parents connect better with the teachers  in turn making it possible for parents to experience all the firsts (first drawing, first poetry recitation, etc.) of their children.

Preboo’s Preluding Journey

Preeboo has been co-founded by Mrs. Sweta Trivedi and Mr. Kushal Trivedi. They gained their inspiration for the startup from their personal experience of dissatisfactory responses from the pre-school where their daughter is enrolled. Mrs. Trivedi has been a programmer for more than 6 years of experience and Mr. Trivedi has been in the field of marketing for more than 8 years. Together they decided to come up with a solution which would overcome the cavalier nature of communication between preschools and parents.

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Preboo’s Predisposition

Whenever parents enroll their children in a preschool or a daycare, there are always certain questions which keep on vexing their minds.

  • Is my kid all right ?
  • What is he learning ?
  • What are his timings of sleep ?
  • Are the diapers about to finish ?
  • What is the first thing they drew on a paper ?

Preboo is an answer to all these question. It helps make communication between parents and teachers tranquilizing.

Working of Preboo App



Preboo’s Proposition

Preboo is not a solution to any management problem. It is just a medium which would ensure mended communication between teachers and parents. It’s aim is to personalize the communication process with utmost ease.

The competition in the market is not explicit, but implicit. A few players in the market would include- Flinnt, Skoolkonnect, etc. A large segment of the market is indifferent to such type of a service and so there is a lot of scope for this startup.

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Currently the company is bootstrapping, and thus they individually visit the preschool to pitch the idea. This work is delegated to the business development team. As the concept is very fresh and fragile for the indian market, so this is something which needs a face-to-face explanation. Hence, the team is concentrating on the Orthodox approach of marketing.

Preboo is not charging any money for their services for the time being. It claims to first target a big user database.

At this moment Preboo has 5 preschools that have signed Letter of Intent which states that they will allow the company to demo the product to their teaching staff and if they like it then they can use it FREE for one year from the date of signing the letter.

Preboo’s Precluding Challenges

Traditional schools having Nursery and Preschool classes are hesitant to use Preboo. Some new private preschools are also hesitant to use it. It all narrows down to the fact that usage of mobile phones and it’s applications while teaching is against the school’s ideology. There are schools which do not even entertain the usage of mobile in the school campus.

Preboo tends to take all these challenges in a positive manner overcoming mostly all of them. Explaining someone and convincing them to use your service is a time taking process yet the startup seems to be very confirming and confident about it.

Preboo’s Pre-planning for the future

They are launching with preschools in Ahmedabad that will be onboard by October end. Here is a complete look at their journey so far.

The company aims to cover all the preschools/daycares from Gujarat and then jump on to big metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore, Pune & Chennai. The company is also looking for strategic partners for expansion in countries outside India like USA, Europe, Africa and Austrailia.



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